You and your Hermes Scarf

  1. I really need a new scarf to wear around my neck. (My first neck scarf) But I am totally lost on what color or the length. I would love love if you took a picture with you and your Hermes scarf around your neck (or on your bag!) Thanks so much, I can't wait to see them.
  2. Hello! There are plenty of pics for you to drool over on this site! I recommend doing a thread search or heading to the scarf section itself - up in the 'stickies', I believe!
  3. ^^ That thread is 100% enabling. You might come out buying more than one! :p
  4. thanks guys, i totally didn't realize this other thread. thank you!
  5. I must warn you though, after you check out all the scarf threads, you are gonna to be seriously addicted to H scarfs :graucho: