You and your coach scarf!

  1. I really need a new scarf to wear around my neck. (My first neck scarf) But I am totally lost on what color or the length. I would love love if you took a picture with you and your coach scarf around your neck (or on your bag!) Thanks so much, I can't wait to see them.
  2. does anybody wear coach scarves on their neck?
  3. I have one Coach scarf. It's got different sizes of CCs and they are all different shades of pinks. It is also really long. I wear my scarf wrapped around my neck or I tie it and put my coat over it (hope that makes sense).

    There are so many different colors to choose from. Colorful neck scarves look good if you want to use it to mix or match. Neutral neck scarves (like brown) are also good for an everday basis and will look good with a lot of things.
  4. You could go with a 27"x27" or a 32"x32". Your SA can teach you how to tie it so that it is most flattering.
  5. I haven't worn silk scarves for years and years but today I saw gorgeous scarves in black, white and grey (perfect!) signatures which I seriously may snatch up when I start my new job. Yummy and SO much better IRL than on!
  6. I have so many scarves, and yet I rarely wear them. When I do, it's always in my hair. I need to try the "around the neck" scarf tying though, because when I try it at home it looks super chic, but I feel like I'm not cool enough to pull it off in real life. *L*