You all can call me crazy


Oct 7, 2006
Sidoarjo, Indonesia
after reading this post, you all can call me crazy but today I learnt something interesting at school..

as some of you know i'm currently learning chinese language in beijing china, and recently i have just started to learn how to type chinese characters on my computer using the pinyin input.

there is a word that i had been dying to learn how to type, the word in pinyin is "lüxing" which means travel. i was having difficulty in typing this word as my keyboard doesnt have the "ü".

well this morning i asked my teacher how to type that word on the computer... and please pick a guess of what character i can type to get "ü"

a V!

so to type "lüxing", i have to type LVxing.....

LV used for travelling and here i have a word that means travel and i have to type LV first to get the word!

anyway i thought i share this with you guys, because i found the coincidence very interesting LOL!