You all can call me crazy

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  1. after reading this post, you all can call me crazy but today I learnt something interesting at school..

    as some of you know i'm currently learning chinese language in beijing china, and recently i have just started to learn how to type chinese characters on my computer using the pinyin input.

    there is a word that i had been dying to learn how to type, the word in pinyin is "lüxing" which means travel. i was having difficulty in typing this word as my keyboard doesnt have the "ü".

    well this morning i asked my teacher how to type that word on the computer... and please pick a guess of what character i can type to get "ü"

    a V!

    so to type "lüxing", i have to type LVxing.....

    LV used for travelling and here i have a word that means travel and i have to type LV first to get the word!

    anyway i thought i share this with you guys, because i found the coincidence very interesting LOL!
  2. lol how appropriate! I hope to travel that way some day
  3. what an amazing coincidence!

    and yes, you're totally psycho :P
  4. ok now i know how to type "lü" :graucho:
  5. ita ;)

    but hey, thanks for the chinese "lesson". ^_^
  6. You're CRAZY hahaha
    I would have been excitmented over it too :P
  7. the whole class was confused on why i got so excited over lv...
  8. ^^^^ Lol
  9. You crazy addict and I love you for it! :roflmfao:
  10. I definitely would have gotten excited too! :nuts:
  11. hahahahhahahahah, lvxing, good word ! good word ! hahahhahahahahahhahahahah
  12. LOLLL dont worry youre in good company here I wouldve been all excited too:smile:!
  13. crazy....
    no really, that's pretty funny!
  14. Ü
  15. LOL that's funny!