Yotel ( cool )

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    Simon Woodroffe's inspiration for YOTEL came from British Airways first class and Japanese capsule hotels.
    We believe it is one of the world's most radical hotel concepts and will offer a solution to expensive and boring hotels around the globe.

    Cabins will be bookable in blocks of four hours enabling delayed and transfer passengers to relax privately in a hotel environment. In addition, passengers leaving on those early morning flights can stay the night before to catch some extras hours sleep in the morning and check in online from the comfort of their rooms safe in the knowledge that they are just a casual stroll for their next morning’s departure. Early arriving passengers may also check-in for a few hours before going to a meeting

    Designed by Priestman Goode, who has helped Airbus define the double deck aircraft of the future, the 10.5m² rooms feature

    Premium and Economy cabins
    Techno Wall with desk, universal port (for your i-pod or PDA) and plenty of storage
    Flat screen TV with surround sound speaker system
    Free Internet - Wired and Wi-fi
    Choice of hundreds of downloadable movies and CD's
    Air conditioning
    Double rotating beds
    Ensuite bathrooms
    Aircraft cabin mood lighting
    Luxury bathroom fittings including monsoon rain shower
    Luxury bedding
    Bespoke Toiletries
    Eat In grazing menu
    Automated Check in / out
    Web booking
    However, the truly revolutionary element of YOTEL is its windows, which are internal rather than external. This will allow YOTEL to open in tricky central city locations, airports, rail hubs and even underground. Reduced land costs add to YOTEL’s ability to provide affordable prices.

    This sounds like a cool place. I am there when it opens .....lol a trip to an airport
  2. Pretty!
  3. now THAT'S innovation!
  4. Yeah I will totally try one of these places in expensive cities like London, Paris, Hong Kong. When I go sightseeing in these cities I only need the hotel room for a nice shower and bed which this Yotel offers with a very nice price.