Yorkshire Terrier Club ... Yorkies' owners and lovers gather here!

  1. So, I have just noticed that our lovely little family members don't have a thread of their own and I think they definitely deserve one!

    All of you yorkie lovers and owners please post pics of your pets and let us build a tPF Yorkie community :yahoo:

    This should be a place of all yorkie-related questions and advice!

    So, here is my baby again (just to get the thread started, I know that I already introduced her :smile:)


  2. cant be without mine:graucho::yahoo::love:
  3. She looks adorable in your signature, why don't you post some pics here?
  4. Aww I don't have a Yorkie but I def. want one!! Shea your baby is SOOOOO CUTE and itty bitty!! :cutesy:
  5. she so cute.:heart:..i wan one now.:sweatdrop:.

    r they quiet and easy to maintain?:tup:
  6. Thank you very much, you should definitely get one!

    They are typical terriers, they are not really quiet :nogood: (they always bark when they hear someone is coming even if they didn't ring the doorbell) and tend to notify you of any weird sounds or people... Don't expect it to scare a burglar but it will definitely let you know when something is up.

    But IMO, they are great if you have an apartment because they don't smell and don't shed (is that the verb?) They don't shed because they have hair, not fur. Yorkies bond very closely to their family members, mine could just cuddle for hours and always wants to be in my lap. They are very playful and are always in the mood to play around. They are very smart and learn tricks and good behavior faster than most other breeds. They don't require a lot of exercise as far as walking length is concerned. However, I run a lot with my dog because she always grabs a stone or a piece of wood and wants me to chase her and take it from her :smile:

    Their hair can be quite high maintenance. Keeping the hair long means hours of grooming (but people who are not into dog shows and stuff usually cut their hair). I keep Kali's hair short and there is no problem at all. I just comb her every day for a couple of minutes in the morning.

    What do other owners think?
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  13. they are very active but friendly. even though they are small in size but everytime i walk her out, she always attacked bigger dogs,lol. they love to be w us, very hard to train but very SMART
  14. I am soooo a part of this club, I have a 5 yr old yorkie, he is my pride and joy and the love of my life. Yorkies are the best I agree they get very close to their families and just love cuddling and being affectionate. Here are some pics of my hansome little boy
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