Yorkie Rescue

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  1. Yeah,

    I going to start my process to become a Yorkie foster mom!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Congratulations!!! Be sure to update when the adoption goes through, and post pics! Good luck! :yahoo:
  3. I'm just going to foster 1st, but really am considering getting another Yorkie. My sweetie is 7 now, so the final decision would be up to him!

    I will let you all know how it goes though.
  4. Bless your heart! Hugs and best of luck with everything!!:flowers:
  5. Yay! good luck!
  6. :tup: for you!
  7. Good Luck!:yes:
  8. Oh that is fantastic! Congratulations!!! You are doing a fantastic thing.
  9. How did you become connected with the organization? I have a 7 year old yorkie and his dear 13 year golden retriever "daddy" died last year. He has been so depressed without him. I was hoping I could adopt an older yorkie, my vet thinks a baby wouldn't be wise!

  10. I will PM you regarding this.