Yorkie lovers, come on in

  1. I just discovered there was an animal sub forum. Love it! I'm on a yorkie forum but didn't know I could have been obsessing at tpf too!:nuts:


    Who here has yorkies? I am holding my three pound sidekick, Sugar in my avatar. He is the doggie love of my life. I also have a little girl named Gracie who tolerates me- I'm a girly girl and she a tomboy, I swear she rolls her eyes if I baby talk to her- and my daughter (almost 13 yrs old) has a little boy named Spike who is a total sweetie pie.

    Who else?:smile:
  2. I dont have a yorkie but I think they are adorable. I'd love to see your Yorkie family pic!
  3. Me too! :tup:
  4. Here's my yorkie pack.:smile:

    1. Sugar
    2. Spike, Gracie and Sugar
    3. Christmas at my Mom's house with her two. Alfie, Spike, Sugar, Gracie and Sophie.

    and 4 and 5 are more Sugar.

    Oh wow, after posting this I realized it didn't post in the order I meant. Number one is the attachment that says avatar- it's my avatar on the yorkie forum and it's all three dogs. I thought it was just the picture of Sugar.
    avatar2.gif lemme-in.jpg hello.jpg sugar2.jpg sugar1.jpg
  5. Two more of Sugar and I promise I'll stop now. I hadn't looked through my photo files in a while so I'm being a dork.:rolleyes:
    fourth1.jpg fourth3.jpg
  6. I might be able to join your little club tomorrow! I'm off to a breader to look at yorkie and yorkiepoos tomorrow afternoon.
  7. I'm a member of a yorkie forum as well :biggrin: not as active as i am with tpf but I do check that place out every now and then
    house 092.jpg
  8. this is Pickles now :biggrin:
    Picture 399.jpg
  9. Oh good luck! I'll bet you fall in love with everyone of them. Let us know and don't forget your camera.:yes:

  10. Awww, Pickles is so cute! Cute name too. Is the forum Yorkie Talk? If so my username is Nikki+2.
  11. I'm sure I will fall in love immediately! I talked to the lady there today and she said they have a 14 week female yorkie ready to go now, the yorkiepoos she said need 2 more weeks before they are ready. Knowing me....they'll all be so cute I'll want to take one home right away and the yorkie it will be for me! I'll definitely post pics if I bring her home!
  12. here's my precious chloe :heart:

  13. jc2239 -
    This pictures are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
  14. OMG I need some puppy kisses now! Chloe is a baby doll!
  15. awww thanks shelbell and nseastar!

    nseastar your yorkie is sooo cute too i love them my baby's in my lap right now (as always :yes:).

    and shelbell good luck on your dog hunt! have you looked into morkies? they're gorgeous as well :heart:.