York Meet Discussion - 18th December 10

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  1. Wulie you look beyond fab with that Alexa! It was fate! :biggrin:

    All I bought was a leopard iphone holder, I'd been after one for ages and I had Mulberry vouchers left over from my birthday so it would have been rude not to! :biggrin: I really fancied a lily too, have always loved that bag but I just know I'd never use it enough to justify it!
  2. Loved the photo girls. Sounds like a fab day.
    And Wulie - you lucky so-and-so!!!
  3. Lovely to put faces to the names, you all look uber stylish with you Mulberry's in tow! Glad you all had a lovely day, and what fabulous purchases you made! ..Alexa:nuts: xox
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