York Meet Discussion - 18th December 10

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  1. Wow Wulie !
  2. wulie where there any more alexa purses? aways on the lookout for my mum!!
  3. Wow wulie. What a good day you had. Congrats on snapping up some bargains. Black Alexa is gorgeous and will really stand out with your red coat and I love the OL purse too
  4. There was only the iPhone holder Elvis but I think there could have been more in the back....
  5. Wulie, the bag looked great on you with your red coat. I saw it when the SA brought it out and was so tempted, but don't have the funds at the minute....:nogood: So glad you got it though, esp if they are so rare to find in an outlet.:nuts:

    I have never spent so long in a Mulberry shop, chatting and trying on bags. The SA must have thought we were mad but who cares. We all enjoyed it.:P

    I had a great day but after not sleeping with excitement at meeting you all and having a day in York, them being up at 6am, like GL I was shattered when I got home. After falling asleep on the settee I was ushered up to bed at 9.30pm, so sorry I missed the party.:tdown: Maybe next time.:graucho:
  6. I made the party but still in bed haha!
  7. thx gemma- if the weather gets better soon may take mum and the guests for a day out to York anyway- and would pop in as it would be rude not to- so sorry I missed you all- and most of the party last night- I will hopefully sleep tonight- I havent been to bed
  8. No worries we will do another meet soon. Get some sleep lady!
  9. it sounds like you all had such a good time! i did a bit of retail online shopping yesterday so feel a bit better :smile:
    we still have snow today and its really icy!

    the stock sounded good! just aswell i didnt come :smile:
  10. Fab purchases Wulie!! Bulls Eye!

    Lovely to see all of you in the pic and all looking great and happy! I probably could have guessed a few myself - due to the handbags - but would not have gotten all the names right.
  11. I did ask if there were any more Alexa purses but there weren't - I was so surprised to see even the one!
  12. Wow Wulie you lucky lucky girl!

    Congrats, gillet looks fab too, you have made a day!
  13. Wulie, I can pretty much guarantee that you won't use another purse once you switch over to the Alexa one! It's just the best!
  14. Wow ladies - you all look so gorgeous in the pick and Wulie you really look fab with the Alexa!

    I was so gutted that I couldn't make it but in a way I'm glad that circumstance made that decision for me - it started snowing in the afternoon here and I would have definitely been stuck on the way home. Took my friend 7.5 hours to drive 11 miles home around the same time!!
  15. Oh and by my recckoning we're due another reveal or two!! Come on girls - spill :smile:
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