York Meet Discussion - 18th December 10

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  1. Little Miss - they're from Duo :smile:
  2. Glad you had fun ladies .. & Congrats on your fab purchases Wulie!! :biggrin:
  3. LMM we've told OD she has to kidnap you if necessary for the next meet.
  4. You ARE coming to the next one LMM!

    The SA said they are having a big delivery of classic roxannes and bays in Feb....think a trip may be in order then!

  5. Well done what lovely purchases and an oak/leopard purse what a find don't think i have ever seen one in an outlet ever!
  6. Congrats Wulie, fabulous finds ! Looks so good on you !
  7. wulie!!! im in shock- purse and bag twin!!! well done
  8. Great purchases wulie - well done !
  9. Thanks GL - they look fab on you :smile:
  10. Great purcases Wulie .
  11. Aww you ladies are too sweet. I will do my best. I just couldnt make today as I had an appt (tho had to cancel that due to one thing or another :sad: ) & my sister arrived from the USA today.
  12. LMM hope all went well on you hosp appointment the other day
  13. Wow - great purchases Wulie, Alexa looks lovely on you!! (off to try & catch up with the party thread!!)
  14. Thank you .. it did go ok. I am just a medical mystery xx
  15. Wulie that was a fantastic find you got yourself, congratulations!
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