York Meet Discussion - 18th December 10

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd initiate this post to see who is up for meeting in York, and any ideas/places to visit etc. I had suggested opening a Facebook group, only because I'm a bit concerned about lurker, stalker weirdy types. Is it just me who worries about these things?

    Anyway I'd suggest perhaps meeting after Xmas, anyone any thoughts about this? Who's up for coming?
  2. Count me in. Maybe have a word with jazzy but i think they sent the specifics via pm.

    Ps add me to fb if you want.
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    I wouldn't be able to join, but can I suggest Jan/Feb/March? It's important to have something to look forward too, easier to find a weekend as many as possible is available if you try for Feb? And perhaps easier to find cheap flights if anyone wanted to fly? Also nice to do it when Christmas and all festivities are over.

    Have fun planning ;)

    If you only discuss on Facebook many might miss out, as not everyone has a profile there, and it might be easier for people to jump in and join if discussed here?

    Also, this meet should probably not be too close in time to the SM meet that's dawning too?

    I vote York Feb, SM Mega Meet Sept! ;)
  4. I might be able to make it! Will depend on whether Dh can be around on the suggested date to give me a day off, lol. xx
  5. I'm not on Facebook but would like to join you if poss, so would welcome a PM on this?
  6. I would love to do this one- but cant do Jan to mid March as I work 7 days a week through our year end period- and if it is like last year the snow might cause a problem with travel then - couldnt we do it for the outlet sale pre Christmas?
  7. id love to come please. we didnt attract any starkers last time we talked about it here on tpf!
  8. I've no holiday days left and I'm manic in Dec but could do a saturday?
  9. Not making promises but when you pick a date I will definitely look into flights. Either that or another SM trip next year. Would prefer after Christmas if possible.
  10. I'd deffo be up for this!:biggrin:
  11. sounds good - lots of lovely pubs and tea and cake shops in York too!!!!
  12. I would prefer after xmas too, tbh. Lead up to it is hectic with fitting in family visits through dec and dh will be in work a lot. Doubt I could get there, sorry xx
  13. Count me in! Elvis is right about the weather in Jan-March, rarely that bad before Christmas. York have plenty of park and rides as well, though I guess even these will be busy with Christmas shoppers.
  14. Another one here who'd like to make the most of the pre-Christmas sales :smile:
  15. I'm just down the road now so I am laid back in terms of dates.
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