YOOX - Semi- Annual Sample Sale Until 11/12

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  1. i feel like looking through their stuff is like looking through a discount store rack, everything is so random.
  2. Most of the stuff is not sample either, it's the spring/summer sale leftovers! But they are an excellent site, it just takes a bit of looking around sometimes.
  3. I agree, its a grt site but you need to take your time and really look
  4. I only ever look at Diesel and Furla on there so it's easy for me. Occasionally at the Fornarina but rarely.
  5. I got a great Marni jacket for $179 and a Victor and Rolf top for $98!!!!
    There are some good discounts to be had. There's a lot of Missoni left. I had to make myself quit.
    Use pp@yoox for free shipping!
  6. while browsing last night i found a lanvin dress for $500, which is just incredible. i only wish i had $500 to spend.