YOOX - Only 2 Weeks Left To Shop Clearance

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  1. Based on past experience, they are lying.

    If things play out as they have for the past couple of years, first the time to shop clearance will be extended and then within one month of the clearance section being taken down, there will be another "sample sale" with all of the clearance items re-appearing with deeper discounts taken.

    I LOVE YOOX. Definitely my favorite shopping site.
  2. thanks for the insight....I've been eyeing a pair of boots and really don't NEED another pair....so, I'll wait it out!
  3. I was watching a SS bag. At 2:30 am it was still $680, at 8:20 am it was reduced to $238 and was sold out already. :sad:

  4. okay - I fess up, I'm weak and worthless and realized as well that many items that were reduced didn't stay around for long....so, indeed - bought those boots and heck, if I wait too long....it will be summer and do I need boots in the summer??? NAH. Buy NOW!

    and bag-dear....of course I have you to blame....AGAIN! Hugs n' kisses
  5. is there any additional coupon code avail?
  6. The only one that I know of is YOOX2008 for 10% off on your purchase.
  7. YOOX2008 works. Does anyone know how good they are about shipping? I placed an order yesterday for a DvF dress I need for Sat evening. Do you know if they are quick to ship if you do express? It says 2-4 business days.

    Will it come in time?!?!?? :sad:

  8. Last Thursday I placed a non-express order that arrived yesterday. That is about their normal time (I have placed 25 total orders with them and this is about the norm). So if non-express got my order here in 4 business days, I would guess that you will be good.

    ETA: Except I forgot that I am getting my delivery in NYC and their closest U.S. warehouse is in Secaucus, NJ so once it gets to the U.S., I get it the same day or next day.