YOOX Coupon Codes

  1. Thank You! Anyone know if Yoox ever does more than 10% off? I've only seen codes for 10% off never any more.
  2. Yoox does 15% off sometimes, like on a holiday. They used to have 20% off occasionally, but do not do anymore, at least not in a past year, except for 20% off a particular designer promo.
  3. Thank You!
  4. LUNCHTIME@YOOX 10% off from 12-2PM today only.
  5. i was hoping this would work on thecorner as well, but not quite.
    it's probably for the best :/
  6. Best deal ever!! Yoox had some Valentino heels marked down to $145, I used the 10% code, plus. Ad $35 yoox bucks for referring a friend, so I got the shoes for $95!!!! Original price, $700
  7. great deal! which ones did you get?
  8. These.
  9. any new coupon codes?
  10. So cute!
  11. Omg those are adorable!
  12. Thank you ladies!! I'm super excited!!
  13. any new codes?
  14. I'm wondering too. I have some things in my cart that I would love to purchase.
  15. me too ;)