1. how authentic are thier bag deals? I know this site recommends them, however, does anyone on the forum recently purchased any? I was curious as i have never purchased anything from them, and more importantly were you happy with the purchase?

    I was needing to know before i buy, the online store seems too good on prices to be true, so in short, is it?
  2. I've been buying from Yoox for over 6 years, until this year from Europe but also during this year from here in Chicago. I've bought the majority of my Furla collection from there, as well as a few pairs of Diesel jeans, and I've never had a problem, except for the one time a bag was badly packed, as it was the last one they gave me a 15% price adjustment and the bag was still perfectly fine.
    The reason the prices are so low is that Yoox is an Italian site, and the majority of the designers they sell are also Italian (Furla, Diesel etc!) so they are buying the items locally and getting a better deal. Outlet malls and discount stores such as TJ Maxx are still fairly uncommon in Europe so Yoox is the first port of call for most of these designer's unsold items. Almost everything on Yoox is at least last season, but often the designers aren't well known enough here in the US for that to matter.
    Their return policy here in the US is less favorable than it is in Europe but they are still very easy to work with (restocking fee of $9 if I remember correctly and no refund of any shipping fees paid). They ship UPS with tracking although it takes 5-7 days in my experience as they first ship to their NJ warehouse from Italy and then out to the US address.
    The items are absolutely authentic anyway, and as much as it pains me to let out my secret source, it's a great place to get a lot of great bargains! I would and have recommended Yoox to many friends and colleagues with no complaints.
  3. I've bought from Yoox. They're great, and their stuff is totally authentic. I highly recommend them.
  4. Are the shipping costs within Europe low?
  5. Yoox is a great company! They're def. legit :smile:
  6. Why not look on the info on the site and see?
  7. You think I didn't ?
    I clicked on the shipping info and I got this:

    It doesn't say if it is within Europe. That's why I ask.:shrugs:
  8. There you go, it's telling you it's 8€ standard shipping plus 1€ per item in the order
  9. Can u guys please help me to tell me if it´s true that yoox.com sells original designer bags, shoes etc ??
  10. Yes - they sell the real deal.
  11. think so, try to use the search tPF and you will find a lot of this site.
  12. yes, they only sell authentic stuff,

  13. thx a lot guys, good to know :smile:
  14. I would like to order shoes from Yoox.com, but was wondering if everything they sell is authentic. Are they legitimate sellers? How are they able to keep their prices so low?

    Anyone who has ordered from them, please post regarding your experience with them (items, customer service, etc.).

    TIA. :smile:
  15. They are definitely legitimate. The prices are low because the stuff is from previous seasons I think. I have ordered from them once and there was no problem (with either shipping or returning)