yoox, anyone?

  1. does anyon have a free shipping code for yoox?
  2. sorry I don't HiHeels. I'm very tempted to buy from Yoox cause I love their clothes!
  3. :smile:
    have you bought online before? you've got to know yourself and the fit of clothes, that's for sure. :yes:
    yoox is one of the few places i can find some of my favorite designers, even living here in nyc.
  4. If you accessit through ******, you can get 4% back. Every little bit helps?
  5. never heard of ******. every little bit helps a lot.
    i prefer just working directly with a site though, rather then going through a 3rd party for a discount.
  6. I guess you may have got the email, but free shipping at weekends until August 27th.

    code is "[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif]WILDWEEKEND"[/FONT]

    I used it at the weekend to get a prada keyring and it worked ok.

  7. What is Yoox?
  8. Disregard the above, I am on the site right now!
  9. The code is weekendyoox.
  10. For some reason. It isn't working.
  11. I used the "WILDWEEKEND" code, and it worked ok.

    Click the "update order" button, and it shows the shipping as free.

    Good luck!

  12. Has anyone tried ******, does it really work? Thanks.

    Edit: Oops, never mind, I just found the thread on ******!