YOOX 15 Percent of certain Chloe shoes.

  1. I bit. I shouldn't of but I got a pair of Chloe dark brown mules for 260 dollars. I used the code pp@yoox for additional 5% discount. Good through Sunday i.e. all discounts.

    It could be the shoes or boots tie breaker for you?
  2. I am trying hard not to bite!
  3. ^^^I understand^^^
    The only reason I did was because I've been wanting these mules for over a year. It didn't matter if it was the wedge or the heel. So there they were in my size and color under 300 dollars. I'm using birthday money on these babies.
  4. No...no...no... please restrain me from going there! :push:
  5. You don't understand, I have been restraining myself for over a month now and now they have this sale.....
  6. I hear you Mona!!

    Just checked, why oh why don't they have the pirate boots in my size??!! :crybaby:
  7. do you ladies go up a half size in chloe boots and shoes for the most part?

  8. Boots for me have been my normal shoe size. I bought a wedge sandal and I did have to go up .5. This Mule heel should be fine, IOW no adjustments. If not I can always return them to YOOX.