YOOX - 15% Off Fall/Winter -Three Days

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    OMG -
    Bag-dear.....at this rate, I'm gonna be bag-poor real soon and you're gonna have to house me, dear hubby and my crazy dog.
    So, you post these deals, and I HAVE TO LOOK and then I get in trouble. I found my lady-like satchel (on LSD) - she has an edge, yes? I think this bag is more my style than the "other one".

    I have a pair of Vicini shoes that are my all time favorite (should I say that they are orange patent leather pointy toe pumps, made in Italy, with a gold metal kitten-ish heel that shows toe cleveage and I can walk 5 miles in them? No kidding).
    So, why not give this bag a try?

    At the price of $85.00, yes - insane.
    By the by, the code of: pp@yoox gave me 5% off with free shipping.

    We have to stop meeting like this :yahoo::p:rolleyes::roflmfao::flowers: