Yooo Hooo...Who are you?

  1. :shrugs:
  2. pinkarats, of course! :lol:
  3. Now, the question is, is it really pinkarats or someone knowing that pinkarats belongs to this forum and saying that it is her;) ? Maybe an impostor, lol. There's so many scammer that I have to make sure that I covered everything :P Sneaky people, you know :yes:
  4. The only way to find out...is to ask our fellow TPFer if she ever sees this :smile:
  5. its definitely me ladies, can you believe that someone had my listing removed earlier, i was so pissed off?!?!
  6. WHY? What was the reason...???
    Does eBay tell you why your listing was removed?
  7. ooh pretty. maybe I should bid. looks to be in great condition
  8. Karman they sent an email stating that there was some misuse of copyrights, something like that, I never stated anything about eluxury or the lv boutique, I put up the same pictures that are up now, so I don't know what's ebays deal, I posted a thread in the ebay forum too, i was so upset, I put up a mc black bag they removed and a denim baggy which was removed again also, ebay sucks!!
  9. Watch out :blink: There are mean spirited people there that will report you to eBay for stupid little things just because they're in a bad mood or because they're jealous or because they're bidding and then want you to close the auction at their bidding price. :cursing:

    I forgot in which thread I read about the possibilities of getting whacked by ebay but it's definitely some @-hole that might have it out for you. :cursing:

    I hope it works out for your in the end :flowers:
  10. That's terrible... aughhh! Well I hope this auction goes well!
  11. is that bag pictured on a toilet?? haha
  12. Hmmm... definate in a toilet! What a way to sell you Louis! Hmmm... Is the WC for sale as well?
  13. Oh, I thought that only happened to me! :wtf: I was really angry and asked them why don't they remove all the fakes on ebay rather than sellers like myself who are selling authentic goods!
  14. Ooh, I just bid! But I haven't met the reserve yet ...