YOOHOO.. My Paradiso Ciao Ciao Came a Day Early...

  1. :happydance:Hi ladies.. I ordered my Paradiso Ciao Ciao from SH on Friday and in the Ups website it was to be delivered on Wednesday so I was so happy to see the UPS guy walking towards my door.. :yahoo:... Lindsey picked the PERFECT placement and got everything I wanted. I wanted the Sushi Guy with the little girl dressed in blue with a machine gun, The sumo girl making the snowman, the pink hair girl, and the pink hair girl on the pink cloud. It's perfect..:happydance:.. I wish the yellow monkey was seen better but he's on the other side... I l:heart: Ciao Ciao.. It really is a great bag to get the whole print... hehe
  2. Very nice! Congratulations!:tup:
  3. Thank you..:yahoo:
  4. I really like the ciao ciao now that I know it can be worn that way LOL I thought the only way it could be worn was folded. Nice placement.
  5. aww your ciao ciao is beautiful!!! congrats!!! :biggrin:
  6. :huh:o la la :]
  7. congrats :biggrin: ..post some pics!
  8. beautiful paradiso!! love how the ciao ciao shows so much print! congrats!!
  9. congrats!!!
    mine is super similar where do you ive in south florida i live in davie!
  10. Thanks guys... I am in :heart: with it...

    I live in Coral Gables, Miami.... But YAY a tokidoki lover that lives in FL... I have never met one... I see people look at me with my tokidoki and the face they do is like if I was a werido.. which I am but shhhh :yes:.... I am kinda in the hunt to find places that sell in FL tokidoki but hardly found any... Do you know of some? I would :heart: you forever...
  11. Ooooh is there any more tokidoki lovers from FL... We should all meet up and have a :drinks:.. And then when we have had enough of :drinkup: we could go and :ninja::hs:... But we have to be careful because the :banned: could come and then we are sent to :noggin:... And that wouldnt we good because we could get into a :bagslap: in jail... hehehe sorry I am a little :lol: tonight...
  12. Congrats on your Paradiso! I just got my olive Camo bella bella from SH today too!
  13. Thank you.. ;)... And congrats on your bella bella :tup:...
  14. congratz!