Yoohoo, My New Gh/pt Naturel Arrived!!!

  1. After a long and complicated story, I finally have a GH/PT naturel in my hands! :yahoo: and the color, the leather and the sheen is TDF!:drool:

    It was worth all that complication....I guess...

    I have taken some pix of the naturel next to my GH/PT blue glacier and they are both gorgeous...I :heart: them!

    Now I want GH/PT white and VG...

    I am hooked!:wlae:

    here are some pix!!!!

    P.S. The Blue Glacier leather this year is very mottled and veiny(the leather is very thick and smooth though...it's just the color that's got lots of marbling).....and some people are not so sure about it but it's really pretty IRL...the pix do not do the justice! hehe
    twins.JPG twins2.JPG naturel.JPG periwinkle.JPG
  2. Both are gorgeous:heart:
  3. :smile: Please model it for us.
  4. WOW! I love both of these. Congrats!
  5. I LOVE both of your bags. I haven't seen the natural in person, but it looks stunning. As for the blue glacier--saw the Giant part time at Neimans and have to say it's my favorite GH bag ever. Congrats!
  6. Totally beautiful! Congrats!
  7. 0o0o0o yummy!!!

    rayrayray - glad to hear you've finally got what ya wanted!!! WOOP WOOP!!! Wear it well, girl!!! *hugs*
  8. Don't you just love the natural w/gh? Your bleu glacier is beautiful, too. I have seen it IRL and you are right, the pics don't do it justice. Congrats!
  9. :yahoo: Yea!!! Both of them are beautiful. Congratulations. Natural with Gh is so classy and beautiful.
  10. Gorgeous bags! Enjoy them!!!!:jammin:
  11. Both bags are TDF, you lucky girl! Congratulations...
  12. Congrats! They are both beautiful with GH.
  13. Yayy, ray, you got one too.:yahoo: I am so happy for you.:woohoo: Congrats. :party: Model it girl.:p
  14. congrats!:drool:
  15. Isn't Natural just AWESOME! CONGRATS on your 2 Bbags! :yahoo: