Yoogi's vs Fashionphile for sellers

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  1. FF will likely give you a higher quote, but I would just sell on tradesy. Tradesy offers more protection for sellers than ebay. I take tons of detailed photos and provide an in-depth description of the item and all flaws to avoid returns. I also videotape the entire packaging/shipping process to avoid fraudulent claims (such as the box arrived empty or the item's condition was misrepresented). I also disclose the videotaping process in my listings to discourage would-be scam artists from purchasing my items.
  2. If you sell on tradesy for example after the buyer pays, tell them that you are going to take photos of the bag as you box it and send it out. So then there's no discrepancy to the item they're receiving. Photos go a long way with everyone involved including tradesy...id sell that way for you'll recoup most of your money than selling to fp or yoogis...
  3. Haha chiclawyer...we both wrote basically the same thing at the same time...great minds think alike ;)
  4. Haha awesome! No one is messing with us!
  5. +1 I love Tradesy and pretty much exclusively sell on there. What I also like is that all returns go directly back to Tradesy, and they make the final decision on the merit of the return (if the reason is item not as described). You get much more serious buyers on Tradesy, albeit less traction than on Ebay. Tradesy also have promotions ($200 off $1000 for example), which you can save some $$ on your selling fees.

    By far the best place to sell as far as getting the most $$ is Ebay. I understand it can be nerve-wracking but I sold a $3000 LV empreinte artsy with only 2 seller feedback - no issues with anything. 99% of luxury buyers are genuinely good and not out to scam. For those who want to take advantage saying its fake, as long as you insure your item at full value, you will be fine.
  6. Ok ladies- I listed on Tradesy too! I've sold on there before with no issues so here is hoping it will work out one way or the other! I'm so nervous, but I like the video process etc as a way to document
  7. I much prefer FP. Once I got 200 bucks more on an offer with them.
  8. Well the quote from Yoogis was way too low to stomach. Looks like it sold today on Tradesy for what I'm happy with and a fair deal for the buyer. The only problem is I'm still really nervous as the buyer didn't communicate prior to purchasing or after... Is that odd? I obviously over analyze, but Tradesy makes me nervous!

  9. Most of Tradesy sales have been that way. No problem at all!
  10. Just to update YC's quote was $500 less than FF. I sold through Tradesy for $200 more than the FF quote. Hoping it all goes well. I can't believe how far apart Yoogis and FF are!
  11. I have sold about 12 items over the last 2 months and only 3 of them went to YC because FF quotes were so much higher! I know a couple of my items went to members here! lol I'm to nervous to sell them myself! I feel like I gave the stuff away though! Good luck but I'm sure it will all go smoothly for you!
  12. I 100% know what you mean. I have a few items I would like to sell, but worried after reading the horror stories here about bad ebay transactions when people have sold clothing, bags and shoes.

    I used CL in the past to sell my Speedy 35 and Neverfull GM, but that has it's hassles too.

  13. I decided to follow the advice of those here and videotape my packing process in case of any concerns. I took pictures during as well just to be safe. Honestly if the purchaser likes the PM I know she will love my bag because it's in perfect condition so not worried about returns etc. hoping it all goes smooth though!
  14. How long did it take to receive your Fasionphile quote? I submitted mine and it said 1-2 days and it's been almost 5. I called and they said I probably wouldn't get it for another week!
  15. Probably because Yoogi's sells at fair prices but Fashionphile marks items waaay up!