Yoogi's vs Fashionphile for sellers

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  1. So I just submitted my Pochette Metis to both sites for a quote! It's a brand new bag essentially and only carried 2-3 times! Any guesses on who will give a better quote? I really wanted to post it on Tradesy, but I'm just too scared!
  2. Probably Fashionphile will have a better quote since they've been listing them for marked up prices on their site. I would suggest you try selling it on Tradesy. The only way a buyer would be able to get their money back is if is was not as described or not authentic. Good luck!
  3. Most likely FF but you never know, the PM is in high demand right now and YC might up their quote to buy it from you and then flip for a marked up price.

  4. I'm always afraid a seller will change their mind and I will get the bag back damaged in some way. I think I've heard too many horror stories regarding eBay. It is being sold with receipt, care cards so there won't be any question on authenticity. Just nervous- I guess depends on how low YC and FF quote me
  5. I'm sure fashionphile, they've been marking them up to around $2200

  6. That's insane! I can't believe they can get that much! I love the bag, but I'm never carrying it and I promised myself if I didn't start this month then it had to go! It feels to precious to me lol
  7. Interested to see how this goes. Might be the encouragement I need to go ahead and list mine too. I hate to give them so much of the profit though....
  8. Sometimes yoogis is higher other times FP... You never know ! That's why I always send to both for quotes .

  9. I will definitely update with each quote! I know what you mean about giving them the profit- for me I just want to avoid the anxiety of the Tradesy/eBay sale

  10. I've only sent to YC once and got a lower quote than FP...I've sold to FP many times
  11. I just ordered a PM...Why are you selling yours? Is it the original or new model?
  12. Fashionphile. i have never had Yoogi's beat FF on any item quote, but my items always sell faster on Yoogi's. i think people like to wait for the 10-30% on FF first unless it's a really hot item. they have quite a few metis up right now, so maybe you'll get a lower offer? maybe do consignment instead of a buyout? that's a popular item.

  13. New model. It's really a great bag and I've had none of the issues others report regarding glazing...I'm just too precious with it and don't want to carry it lol it's ridiculous I know