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  1. So I've heard really great reviews about this site and decided to check it out. I found some really great Fendi's and came across this one. Am I crazy, Isn't this a knock-off???? I have never purchased a fendi but really want a nice one. I read where they said Fendi's only have numerical serial numbers. Some Fendi's on this site have letters and numbers. Can a Fendi bagxpert help?! Thanks!

  2. You may want to post in the Fendi "Authenticate This" thread below (in their forum).

    I've found Yoogi's to be very reliable myself, but it never hurts to have anything checked.
  3. Thanks! Will do that now.
  4. Hi!
    Please always try a search first, this website has been asked about quite a bit :ty:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.