Yoogis closet questions

  1. I have sold purses to Yoogi's Closet and it was fairly easy. I didn't want to do consignment, so I preferred direct payment. It was very easy. They sent me a check for the bag and reimbursed me for my shipping charges within a week and a half. I had sold them a bag which was brand new with tags attached, the original box, dust bag, the auth cards, and etc. The bag was maybe one year old, but never been used. YC offered me half the retail price for it. I accepted because I didn't want to deal with selling it on eBay or something. I hope that helps.
  2. The most I did with Yoogis was request a quote for a pair of new CL shoes. I think they must focus mainly on bags because the direct buy price they offered for my shoes was way low. I didn't consign though, because they don't tell you up front how they are going to price your item only that you get x% of the sale price. So there was no way of knowing how much I would actually get for them. I like to have an idea up front as to how much I'm going to get, so that's the only thing I really see against consigning with them.
  3. Sold a YSL bag to them directly because it didn't sell when I listed it. I ended up making $25 off the entire thing, and they got a good deal because they sold it on eBay and made $200+ a couple months later. No regrets though, I needed the cash up front, and couldn't wait. Very good overall experience with them. I haven't consigned with them yet, but maybe sometime in the future!
  4. I had sell a Chanel to them directly, they offered half of what they'd list. If I want to consign, I'd go to Fashionphile since they seem to fetch higher prices than others. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I've sold 3 bags to them - 2 this summer, 1 now. I was happy with the offers they gave me and the customer service has been good too. Whenever I'm a little short of cash I dig thru my closet and find bags to sell, lol.
  6. Will reimburse shipping but if you ship it you dont get anything at the post office or UPS until you give them the package Yoogis closet requests you include shipping invoice inside for reimbursement
  7. Can't you just get the package weighed, pay for it, include the receipt in the box and then tape it up in front of the clerk? I've done that and there has never been a problem.
  8. Bring your bag to USPS and use a flat rate shipping box from USPS. They include tape, so have them leave an edge uncovered enough that when they are done ringing you up you can slide your receipt inside.
  9. Yoogi's closet will accept shipping receipts mailed separately. I put a note inside saying I will be sending the shipping receipt for reimbursement separately, then I get the receipt, make a copy for my records and send a copy to Yoogi with a note detailing what shipment it belongs to. No problem.
  10. I have a Fedex account and I print my labels online and I reprint a copy of the receipt and place it inside the package and seal up the package.
  11. Wow! I read all your post ladies..I seen that YC is good and that they offer fair price.. I just send photos of my two bags that I want to sell, its both LV bag, and I hope they will give me a good offer for both bag.. I will let you know ladies..
  12. I send pics of a couple of bags I wanted to sell to them. For some reason, they offered a low price for my mint condition bags (LV and Gucci). =(
  13. I would have loved to sell to them, but what I want to sell is Nancy Gonzalez, and they do not handle her bags. Do you know any reputable reseller that does?
  14. how long do they reply? to send their offer?
  15. sometimes they take a lil long to reply, when they're busy. it happened to me wherein i had to send a follow up email to inquire on the status of my request for a price quote.

    if u haven't received an email back from them within 48hrs, just send a follow up email. =)