Yoogis closet questions

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  1. I am new to The Purse Forum and am thinking of selling several of my old LV's. However, after reading all the negative/cautionary advice on eBay selling, it seems like selling on eBay is potentially more trouble than it's worth for a casual seller like me. Has anyone used yoogiscloset.com? What about one of those places that sells your stuff on eBay for a commission?
  2. Pretty sure Yoogi's Closet is good. They have sold authentic Balenciagas, I know that. Anybody have specifics?
  3. I think they are tPF'ers and have only heard really good things about them.
    Let us know!
  4. Thanks mmmsc and kristinmcd! I am going to start with something small, like one of my Epi Pouchettes. I will keep you posted
  5. Their LV's appear to be authentic as well, and they include tons of pics.
  6. I haven't sold anything to them, but I recently bought a Marc Jacobs purse and was really impressed with the customer service and quick shipping. It's definitely a reputable website :tup:
  7. Thx for bringing this up, i had seen an item from yoggis closet that I was interested in - but since I did not know them - did not place bid
  8. I'm not easy to impress but they have won me over! A couple of months ago I bought a LV strap (it was in impeccable condition although they honestly and correctly listed it as used) for a LV of mine. When it arrived I was thrilled except that the clasps wouldn't fit around the hardware of my bag. I contacted them via e-mail late in the night and within hours I had a very friendly and professional reply instructing me on how to proceed. I was able to ship it back at no cost to me and my refund was processed ASAP! I really couldn't believe how awesome they were - I even wrote them and told them so. I'll buy from them again with no hesitation! Have fun shopping!
  9. I just recently sent them a note to sell my St. Jacques (she's too small; I wanted the big one) and I"ve yet to hear back from them. A bit disappointed, as I had heard such good things about them.
  10. I dealt with them a month or so ago. I filled out their online form and uploaded photos of 2 LV bags I didn't use. Based on my pictures and my description of condition I heard back from them within 12 hours with their offer. It was a range (like from $400 to $450) with their final offer to be determined once they actually received the bags.

    I could have sold the bags outright or I could have consigned them. I sent the bags by Fedex and they EVEN pay for shipping (not insurance) if you include the receipt.

    They received the bags and that very day I received their final offer. I accepted the offer for them to buy my bags outright and received their check within 4 days.

    They are terrific and their offer was very fair.

  11. Thanks. I will try them out and let you guys know how they did. Although based on everyone's reviews, I have nothing to worry about.
  12. I have purchased a Fendi bag and a Louis Vuitton from them. The Fendi was brand new and the Louis Vuitton was basically bran new, too. Both came in excellent condition and had been cleaned. Dust bags and the original cards came as well. Sometimes they have original receipts. I think they are a fantastic re-sale store!
  13. they are great to deal with.
  14. I would contact them again - and submit your item and info. via email rather than their site. I find that the response time is faster.
  15. I looooooooove eugenia & simone
    they have the best customer service :smile:
    sold my items & they gave me fair enough offers :smile: