Yoogi's closet purchase, not thrilled, help!

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  1. #1 Apr 17, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
    I purchase a Manhattan GM from Yoogi's. I paid $750 for it. It has this weird white stitching in the pockets which is making me so sad. Is it supposed to have this weird stitching? I have several LV and have never seen this. Help!!!

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  2. I don't like it. Is it like that on the other pocket too?
  3. Here's the other pocket. Has anybody seen this before? I've never bought pre-loved. I'd be fine if I knew that some bags just have this but now makes me nervous may not be real. They had two bags in pretty similar conditions. Mine was $825 (used a coupon) and the other was $1250... The main difference seems to be this stitching. Thank u in advance!!!

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  4. All of their items are authentic. You don't have to worry about that. If you aren't happy with the condition, return it. The stitching would bother me.
  5. It would bother me. I don't see it on any others .. Just taking a quick scan through evilbay and clubs. I mean you could use a permanent color to make it vanish. But what is the white..the catching to tight of a under thread I'm not sure. Does it look sturdy?
  6. I thought it was light catching but it is definitely some sort of stitch. I went through the other solds on YC and I see a few with a stitch here and there. But none like this one. I was thinking of getting a brown sharpie to take the color away but seems sad to do. Thinking of returning and then buying off of eBay maybe?
  7. Are you sure it's authentic? It LV.. Lots of counterfeits out there that they make them so real!!! I would return it for sure and also I don't like the white stitching.. Looks fake too
  8. I think it is authentic. It is from YC.... Seriously ruined my day!! It is going back. 😟
  9. Is it residue from being cleaned by something? Maybe pieces of a rag that got wrapped around the stitches? I ask because after I cleaned my pre-loved Keepall last week I noticed a similar thing to the stitching in one area, that happened after I cleaned and wiped with a white cloth.
  10. Has YG ever sold a fake bag? I am sure they would never mean to sell a fake bag, but people make mistakes.

    I will take a closer look at the stitching and see if it is cloth that got stuck. I emailed YC about my concerns. My first pre-loved fail. Thank you so much for all your messages. I will keep you posted...
  11. Just return it. It really not a big deal.
  12. If it bothers you, just return it. Manhattan GM was a very popular bag and there are truck loads of them out there. You will certainly have the opportunity to buy one that makes you happier in the near future.
  13. Just don't remove their tag. And if you aren't thrilled, return it. It will always bother you if you don't.
  14. Yoogi's is great about returns, super easy to do. just don't remove their tag.
  15. I agree. The old replicas had stitching like that.
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