yoo-hoo, where are you???

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  1. any place to look at pochette designs online?
    hermes.com has close to nothing.
    or perhaps a list of all the scarves that are currently available in H boutiques as pochettes?
  2. Hmmm....

    Hermes.com is useless for pochette designs.


    has a pretty good database of scarves and if you click on a design, it will tell you if it came in a pochette.

    Was there a particular design you were curious about?

    Recently, Les Triples, Hola Flamenca, Fleurs et plumes...were the ones I've seen.
  3. ^^ That sounds like it would be a great site, but when I clicked on the link, all I got were pages that said "sample content"...

  4. Thanks!
  5. i'm specifically interested in the designs currently available in the H boutique. i would be grateful for just a list of regular scarf designs that are now available as pochettes. i really appreciate the 3 you listed here even!
    is ex libres available as a pochette?
  6. ^^^

    Ex Libres was reissued last year, but only as a full sized carre.
  7. hey, crazy enough that site says i'm already a member.
    a member with memory loss perhaps.
    very interesting, very helpful, very depressing (so many nice pochettes from past year).:flowers: :flowers:
  8. OH MOMMA - i'm nuts about PLUMES!!!
    oh oh oh oh oh, is that still in the stores????

    what colorways was it issued in??????????
  9. Yes it's still in the stores..I know of Blue, and Beige...want a pic?:yes:


    I forgot Les Capucines, and of course the ones on the website...
  10. okay quinn's mom, A. what is the name of that scarf on the left? i like it. is that capucines? i'm going to investigate.
    and then sadly, B. i meant plumes, not fleurs et plumes.

    C. what about promenade de longchamp? issued as a pcohette in 2002.

    D. how far back is it possible to find a pochette from? do they keep them in the store until they sell out?
  11. Thanks for starting this thread HH and thanks for the link Quinn's mom!
  12. so sweet! thanks amkur
    she's right quinn's mom, it's a very cool and useful site. thank you for posting it!!!

    PLUMES, does anyone know?
  13. I can check tomorrow at the Beverly Hills shop for you, HH!