Yom Kipour

  1. Anyone is fasting tonight? :confused1:
  2. I am! I am afraid it wil be harder to stay away from Tpf than to fast! :biggrin:
  3. yeah you are sooo right!
  4. I don't fast...I fainted one year at services and never did it again.
  5. ^ DITTO...LOL......I get too lightheaded!!
  6. I do modified. I dehydrate VERY easily and end up in the ER. So I do drink water. And I hit the orange juice hard at the break fast our shul provides!

    Have an easy fast everyone!
  7. I'm going to try. I'm nursing, so I have to drink water.
  8. Is it alright to fast while you are nursing? Have an easy one everyone. Its not hard for me to not yet bt it does make me sick. I also get light headed.
  9. I fasted the whole 25 hours. than I wonder why I feel :sick:
  10. Happy late Yom Kippur! As it's exam period and I'm under a lot of stress/expending a lot of energy, I made a compromise and kept on a liquid diet for the day. Does that count? I don't think so. ... but hey, I did what I could, and that's got to be worth something. *thumbs up*
  11. fasting is not for me...
  12. I fast as I am an observant Jew and I see it as a non-negotiable. WHile the minor fasts if i"m not feeling great I can skip, in my mind you don't skip Yom KIppur or Tish B'Av