Yolanda's here! :)

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    Hi Ladies,

    My second pair has finally arrived!:yahoo: I've been waiting for them for a whole week now... $613 from Bluefly (Retail $795)...

    I could tell that this pair had been tried on many times and was probably a return... The heel cups were stretched and the inner sole on the left shoe was peeling a little bit... However, I still love them! I think the style is versatile and it's something I could actually wear to the office...

    I got a size 36.5 (TTS 6 in non-CLs) and they're a little loose so I'm worried that once they stretch out more, I'll get heel slippage... I'm hoping the heel grips will fix that problem....

    As far as the height, they're just like the normal shoes I wear everyday so I find them comfortable! big yay! :biggrin:





    w/ Flash:

    Now, can I call these family photos? lol




    I think the couple is pretty lonely.. They need to make babies, yah? I think so.... lol
  2. LOVELY!!!! Two's company, but the more the merrier!! Let the Louboutin addiction continue :drinkup:
  3. ahhh, I love Yolandas :love:
  4. Can you ladies see the pics?
  5. I have to click the links to see the photos, which are pretty. I love the family shot. Congratulations!
  6. So pretty. What a great shape! I am a sucker for a family shot so thank you for including one!
  7. So beautiful! The Yolanda is so graceful.
  8. The perfect nude! Love it... but where is the modeling pic? ;)
  9. beautiful!!!
  10. Lovely! Enjoy them :smile:
  11. Lovely, congrats !
  12. I think I'm in :love:. Yolandas great silhouette that I think will never go out of style. Good choice, congrats!
  13. beautiful!!! love them both! congrats on the yolanda!
  14. Congratulations! This deserves to be blown up! :tup:

  15. very lovely!
    Congrats on your second pair :biggrin: