Food YOGURT starts my day off right!

i eat yeo valley greek yogurt with blueberries most of the time. i was just visiting my friend who had the fat free fage total and it was the most disgusting thing i've ever had in my life (well, except liver maybe), i'd rather go without than eat that ever again :yucky: i can eat the yeo valley fat free strawberry yogurt but really, breakfast isn't where i worry about calories, 50-100 isn't that big a deal. i can make that up elsewhere.
I am addicted to Cascade Fresh yogurt (also from Whole Foods). I have one every day, usually in the morning, and add my homemade organic granola. It is so healthy and adding the granola keeps you full for a while!
yes. i love yogurt and granola. i can't eat just yogurt on its own. i really like Stonyfield Farm non-fat plain yogurt. i accidentally bought the french vanilla kind last week and it's just...too sweet. the plain is tangier and goes nicely with the trader joe's granola since it's already sweet.

when i was younger i absolutely loved the yo crunch cookies and cream kinda and the strawberry with nestle buncha crunch pieces. and then i realized how many calories were in it.
Mmmm, I love yogurt! I like the Dannon Natural Low-Fat Vanilla yogurt... alone, with honey, or with slightly thawed frozen raspberries. I also make great smoothies with it!
I make my own yogurt with 2%fat organic milk.(I use yogurt maker I bought on amazon).
Sometimes I make it with mango syrup, but mostly just plain yogurt and then mix it with fruits or nuts or honey etc.