Food YOGURT starts my day off right!

I love Dannon's light and fit yogurt with a quaker crunchy granola bar in the morning. I squeeze the granola in the bag to break it up into little bits and sprinkle it into the yogurt....yummmm! Satisfying and fulfilling!:tup:
I start almost every morning with yogurt - I always get plain fat free vanilla (activa) and add my own fresh fruit and or/low fat granola. I don't like when there's already fruit in there, not sure why......
Stonyfield Farms vanilla is my favorite. I like the lowfat versus nonfat since the latter tends to be too watery. I like mine with cubed apple or strawberries. YUM YUM YUM.

I don't get plain yogurt though without anything in it... yuck!

Fage is GREAT with honey. I love the full-fat version but its worse for you than ice-cream!!
Well, we own a yogurt shop so I'm around yogurt a lot :lol: But, Activia is some yummy stuff. It's good first thing in the morning with a bit of granola. I always feel better on the days I eat breakfast
today I mixed 1/2 a cup of water with three 6 oz Horizon organic vanilla yogurts and then put it in the ice cream maker and made my own frozen yogurt! It kind of tasted like pinkberry!!! :biggrin: