YOGURT starts my day off right!

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    currently the only thing not giving my body a complete miserable feeling has been yogurt.. so im off to seek out who elses bodies have just adored yogurt. sounds a bit overboard but its true. Yogurt is my new found fave good!


    Dannon Fit'n'Trim
    strawberry banana

    Whats in your yogurt?
  2. I like Dannon full fat plain yoghurt, I can eat it unadorned.

    Dannon also have a new yoghurt called, ermmm actually I don't remember what it's called, but the slogan on the pot says something like 'no artificial anything'. And it's true it has no artificial flavours or preservatives and no gelatin, yay! Plus no high fructose corn syrup.
  3. I eat yogurt every morning. Absolutely love it. I don't like the ones with the fruit, I add my own.

    Fage Total 0% yogurt is by far the best,imo. Thick and the only non-fat yogurt that I can stomach. But if you can afford the calories, try the 2%, it is divine!
    I eat it with a half apple and blueberries and sometimes sprinkle some sugar free granola! HEAVEN.

    I eat it as a desert as well, with some type of fruit, honey and sliced almonds.
  4. I eat Dannon Light and Fit- I'm lactose intolerant, but my body can finally tolerate yogurt without needing a Lactaid pill! Yogurt is supposed to be very good in keeping yeast infections away.
  5. I eat Actvia..yogourt is great for your digestive system!
  6. Original mixed berries. Its my fav, except its with lunch every day instead.
  7. Breyer's fruit on the bottom, only strawberry or peach, with lots of granola mixed in!
  8. I :heart: yogurt! I usually just eat the store brand with fruit on the bottom(blueberry is my fav).
  9. Fage is so good, with fresh sliced fruit in it

  10. i :heart: fage! have you ever tried the nonfat one? its just as smooth and rich tasting as the normal one. i usually get plain and add some jam to it.
  11. Is Fage the same thing as Total Greek Yoghurt that you can get in the UK?
  12. I LOVE yogurt too! Especially Activia and Source 0%...both very tasty at any time of day!
  13. stonyfeildfarms.. not sure if thats just something local around here.. but they have all natural as well! its amazing how this little six ounce gooey goodness is so versitile with eating right!

    i cant seem to find FAGE anywhere.. Id love to start trying diffrent yogurts!

    oh and dannons no preserves, no additives, all natural.. here i come!
  14. Mr Dooney,

    If you have the equivalent of Central Market/Whole Foods, try there for the Fage yogurt--you might try your local health food stores as well.
  15. No, I will try the nonfat one next time--have you tried blueberries with it? so good!!!!!!!