yogi's closet?

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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question-but it has been forever since I've had chanel fever. I see one on Yoogi's closet that Im really interested in. I know they used to be good. Is there any reason to get it authenticated further?
  2. Yoogi's is reputable but it's always a good idea to post it in the AFT.
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  3. I purchase few times and also sold my two chanel with them recently. They are trustworthy
  4. They are amazing to deal with. I purchased a bag and then returned within the 30 day time period. Their refund process is very fast. When 2 weeks went by and there wasn't a refund, I called. Turns out the post office 'delivered' the purse but did not get a signature. I paid for insurance with signature required. I gave Yoogi's the tracking number. By the end of the day, even though they did not have the package in their hands, they refunded my money. I couldn't believe it. They were great. They were following up with the post office to see what happened.
    The post office did call me 2 weeks later to follow up, as I had called to let them know that i paid for signature on delivery and there wasn't a signature. The delivery person just wrote 'delivered' instead of getting a signature. Turns out the regular post office delivery gal was out. Someone else delivered and didn't follow thru with signature. Yoogi''s was amazing. I've purchased and sold items thru them and their service is top notch!
  5. I agree with the above, amazing customer service, go above and beyond. And love their return policy!