Yogi wants a pic-i-nic basket!?

  1. Here is a photo of a large male black bear that I took at about 3:00 this afternoon. He came up from the creek in the back of our property, stood on his hind legs to smell the dogwood tree, yawned and then walked away. (You can see part of our patio furniture in the foreground of the photo.)

    My neighbor called to tell me he was heading over towards our house so I grabbed my camera and got this photo through the back slider.

    I had just been outside with my dog about 15 minutes prior to this bad boy showing up! :wtf: (click to view the pic)


  2. that's crazy! haaha but really cool you got to see a bear! :smile:
  3. OMG, Roo! Where do you live? We live in se North Carolina and bears have been seen in our development. When we moved here, I worried about the alligators; now I have bears to watch out for!

    Great photo!

  4. We live 20 miles east of Seattle.
  5. Magnificant!
  6. ummm, about that visit:nogood:

    LMAO! That's insane!!!!
  7. crazy! we see lots and lots of white tail deer here, but never anything that eats them! maybe that's why we see so many...
  8. I seriously would consider a fence if I were you.
  9. ^^ I agree. It would be awsome to see but it would be so scary. My female chi would bark at it and my boy chi would run over and try to kiss it :noggin:. I would be eaten for sure :yes:
  10. Whoah! He's a big fella, isn't he?

    LOL. And I thought I was communing with nature when I saw a baby bunny rabbit yesterday.
  11. How cool is that!!!!:yes: Since everybody was safe and you were forewarned it turned out fine!

    I love the picture of your yard too. Your landscaping is gorgeous!

    That bear is HUGE!
  12. Scary but a gorgeous animal!! Just be careful OK.
  13. OMG. awesome pic, I am glad you and your dog was not out when the bear was there.

  14. They are terrified of people! Seriously. :roflmfao:
  15. heh.

    You think a fence will stop that bad boy? I don't think so....:nogood: