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  1. Hi ladies,

    Are they a trusted consignment shop? For Chanel? I have never purchased from them before and did not find anything on this forum about them.

    Anybody know anything about them?

    Thank you! :heart:
  2. if you just contact them and ask them to send you more pictures of the item that your interested in and authentic it in the thread then you should be fine
  3. Yeah, I guess that is what I will do. Thanks.
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    I'm part owner of Yoogi's Closet. We're not sponsors of this forum so I want to make sure that this doesn't come across as spam, but yes we are a member of the Shops at Malleries and we do guarantee everything we sell to be authentic. Please contact us through our site. Thanks!
  5. I thought you were......this thread got very confusing, thanks for posting...:heart:H
  6. ^^ohhh so sorry...my fault for not reading more carefully...it was just by chance i checked malleries.com right after cos i remembered i was looking for this bag they had before and sold...anyways i immediately noticed how similar the pics were LOL

    sorry again!!!
  7. No prob! It's great to see tPF members look out for one another! :tup:
  8. So malleries is reputable?
  9. Never heard abt the Yoggi's consignment but i did came across Malleries. Yes Malleries are reputable and i know a pfer who also sell her items on Malleries.
  10. [​IMG]This is the bag I'm looking to buy. If I shop on line, how can I tell it it's authentic? What would I look for?
  11. damicom, post it on the thread: Authenticate This Chanel, and if there are enough pics the ladies can authenticate it for you...good luck!
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