Yogaesq made me jealous!

  1. I got jealous of Yogaesq's 3 Transporto Avventuras, so I had to get one! Ive been wanting one anyways so when I found one, I fell in love. Its my first transporto and avventura! I want one last bag then I think I'm done.

    I also saw a Tutti Avventura mis-marked for 160! I guess they thought it was a BV! (would you buy it for that price?)
    avventura.JPG modelingpics.JPG
  2. Yes!
  3. I say "YES"
    It looks great on you!
  4. LOL!!! :roflmfao: Congratulations!!!! I love this style!

    Wow, one last bag ... I have said that more times than I can count! ;) You must have an awesome collection!

    So now you have to tell me your vote on which Avventura Transporto you would keep! Can you tell I'm totally obsessed!?!:nuts:

    As for the Tutti Avventura, I would probably get it. You can always return it if you decide not to keep it, and if the price goes down or if there's a coupon that comes in the mail for an additional percentage off, you can get a price adjustment. Of course it's just that kind of thinking that got me in trouble! :shame:
  5. I would get it, but I already have a Tutti BV, so it might be redundant, and it doesnt really have a good placement on it! But 160 for an Avventura isnt bad!
  6. That goes with your outfit so well!

    EDIT: I meant I would buy the tutti Avventura for $160 (completely slipped my mind it was an avventura)! That seems almost like a steal.. how big is it compared to a BV? I assume twice as big maybe?
  7. oh its huge, hahahah I thought it would be just a lil bigger, but its HUGE! I fit my BV filled with make up, and my Ciao Ciao filled with school work in the Avventura, and it fit, with room to fit like 2 dolces.
  8. It's cute on you! (and it matches your outfit awesomely)
  9. Aww, thanks =]

    Haha my question is, how do you guys feel bout a Notte Zucca?
  10. shoot, reynold0c. Your bf better watch out because that bag is LOOOOOOVIN you :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: It looks fantastic... makes me wish I could get one... lol
  11. You should def try to get one! I think the Avventura was made for the Transporto print, because it goes hand in hand both are traveling themes!
  12. hehe, oh man I wish. I started collecting toki at the end of August and between then and now... haha I'm totally broke... as a high school student that is baaad... especially because if I bought one, I woudn't be able to hide it lol. gaah.... but trasporto is sooo cuuute.... *sigh* definitely would get in trouble, but Ill just stare at yours :drool:

    hmmm I think that'd be really cool, but I personally wouldn't get one unless it was WAAAAAY under retail. I mean the inside being crazy and the outside being calm is awesome like an inside out oreo i guess? but for the $$$ that's to be shelled out, I really wouldn't pay too much to be completely honest ^^;
  13. Im an HS student as well! hahahahha yeah I hide my bags, my mom knows I have like 3 out of the 13 I have.
  14. LOL! How the heck do you hide 10 bags?? The only thing that my parents dunno about is the Paradiso Porta that I bought through another place, but a porta is pretty easy to hide... tiny and whatnot lol What grade? I'm a junior :biggrin:
  15. Haha im a Senior!!!! Blah it suuuuucks soo bad!

    I hide em somehow, some are in these huge Louis Vuitton boxes, some are in this big XXI bag under my bed, some are in the closet!