1. Thank you for your thoughts! I was doing 50% hot yoga and 50% warm yoga and yes my first hot yoga class was tough so I know what you mean.
  2. No problem! Have a good class today :tup: You'll be fine!

    Remember, focus on a calm nose breath to keep you calm. If you feel like you have to gasp for air/breathe through your mouth, take a break by sitting down or (in the floor series) laying in Savasana until you're ready to join back in.

    If you can, take another class tomorrow or Wednesday. Your body will get used to the heat in no time :yes:
  3. I was introduced to Bikram in June & I LOVE it! I go 3x a week now. I was advised the same as above prior to my first class and it helped tremendously! LOL at "You're gonna' get heat stroke!" - my Mom said the same to me! I could not find too much after a search and the owner of my studio (11 years old) said he's called 911 3x for people who threw their backs likely due to no engaging their core.
  4. Yay! Glad to see another Bikram fan :tup:

    I think people say they had "heat stroke" and really only had some dehydration/stress issues like headache, shivering, dizziness, etc. Like people saying they have the flu (= influenza), but actually only have the common cold (= flu-like symptoms, but not life-threatening).

    Heat stroke is pretty serious and also has serious symptoms like cramps in stomach/arms/legs, high body temp, lack of sweating, nausea/vomiting, rapid breathing & heart rate, headache, confusion, unconsciousness. I have never heard of this in regards to Bikram yoga, not even the body cramps which (according to a quick google search) come before the actual heat stroke.

    Either way, YAY Bikram! I'm taking class later today and looking forward to it! I've gotten back in the swing of going 3-4 times per week and it's feeling GOOD again :cool:
  5. Bikram yoga!
  6. Today went quite well!
    I did have to sit out a few poses. I didnt get short of breath, but i felt my face get very hot, so i took that as a sign to sit and chill for a bit.
    They hand out chilled lavender scented cloths for your face during savasana which is awesome. I then took a nice shower which was fully stocked with Origins products.
    I think i might end up really liking this studio. :cool:
  7. nothing can be better then doing yoga... yoga keeps you chill and calm all the day and give you positive energy. best way of getting the peace of minds..
  8. Ha!!! NEVER a lack of sweat!!!

    As much as I love to lift weights and run, there is je-ne-sais-pas *something* about Bikram Yoga that has me absolutely LOVING it and singing its praises (probably irritatingly) to everyone!! I can't express it properly especially since I am always wondering "WTH am I doing here??" during Half Moon Pose! :lol: I've always wanted to try yoga, a dvd was a fail and BY is a great intro to yoga, although I don't know if I'm interested in expanding/trying other yoga styles.

    I had to travel & googled BY studios to attend while gone & it is interesting how different the studios are. My studio has foam rollers, exercise balls & stretching straps to help with poses. The instructor will pass out Gatorade, water & ice packs during a class from a small fridge to those in need. People will bring their purses into the studio to put on the back shelf. When I traveled, no fridge, no exercise aids, nothing but mat & water in the studio & my co-worker was kindly reprimanded for using her small towel during one of the poses!

    Someone told me last week that I'm more calm since beginning yoga and my family confirmed it.
  9. Wow I guess I lucked out! Good to know that I have a pretty chill studio :smile:
  10. So I wear my love bracelet in Bikram and it doesn't seem to bother me too much. Does anyone wear any jewelry in bikram? i have a collar-type necklace that I haven't worn recently because I wasn't sure if it would be too hot. i sorta felt like my bracelet had heated up... maybe i was just imagining things.
  11. Jewelery that does not sit directly on your skin at all times can warm up, but it shouldn't warm up to where it would burn your skin. If it doesn't bother you and the studio does not mind, continue to wear it.

    I find that I worry about jewelery in class, so I always take everything off. For example I have a tennis bracelet I wear every day, but when we lay on our arms like in Half Locust I worry about breaking/damaging the links. Even small earrings bug me in Savasana on the belly. Similarly my necklace/rings just bug me in postures, so I end up taking everything off.
  12. I usually take whatever I can off. I don't wear anything that jingles or dangles. My love bracelet is screwed on, so that one stays on! Hopefully it won't interfere with locust.
  13. Wow, I didn't know that it's screwed on :amazed:
  14. Lol yep! Mine is white gold, my SO has a yellow gold one.
  15. here is a link about 'what to wear for yoga' and what not to wear... it says no jewellery though.

    what to wear for yoga
    ... so you found your yoga class, you bought the yoga mat and now its time to sort out the yoga wardrobe. Read on how to put together the best possible ensemble:

    What to wear for yoga

    • Wear something comfortable and close fitting that allows a full range of movement. ie leggings and a sleeveless vest. Ladies could, if they want to, choose a top with an inbuilt bra for extra support. The point is to learn to breathe fully, so avoid underwired bras or anything too restrictive.

    • Sweating is a natural and desirable byproduct of the practice, so wear something light to let the skin breathe. Just wear your yoga outfit once before you wash it. Otherwise it can develop an unpleasant odour, which may not be detectable to you, but it will be to those around you.

    • Cotton is good, but there are other fabrics nowadays with a little bit of a strech which can be even better.

    • We practice yoga in bare feet. A pair of clean socks can be nice (though not essential) during relaxation (savasana) .

    • Bring an extra layer, (ie a hoody) or a pashmina shawl to wear at the end to relax. The idea is one creates internal heat and lifeforce at the beginning of the practice; and during savasana retains that heat and allows the energy to become reintigrated into the body. I use the same pashmina shawl since I started yoga, love how it has absorbed 'good vibes' over the years.

    • Have enough yoga clothes, to wear a freshly washed set each time you go on the mat.

    What not to wear for Yoga

    • Baggy tops and bottoms with lots of extra folds, zips, belts or buttons. Anything too loose, will interfere with your practice. Ideally the teacher should be able to see how the body moves.

    • Old, baggy, paint splashed sweats. (yes I have seen people come to class in those) Yoga is an ancient practice designed to lead to the path of wisdom, it is inappropriate to wear ones decorating/gardening outfit to practise. I should not need to say that, but at the other end of the spectrum, no one should feel obliged to buy expensive, 'designer' yoga gear.

    • Anything not freshly washed! Disrespectful to oneself as well as everyone around us.

    • Loose shorts with no underwear. I mean really guys - what are you thinking? You will be uncomfortable; and so will everyone around you!

    • Anything too skimpy or see-through. I often do my practice wearing fitted shorts as I find them comfortable in warm weather. Please use common sense and make the distinction between shorts and bikini bottoms. (or bra tops!)

    • Lots of jewellery. Personally, I do not wear any jewellery at all, during practice. Most people find it ok with a ring or two and may be a discreet bracelet. Dangly earrings, large pendants and armloads of bangles will distract the mind from the practice and possibly cause physical discomfort.