1. I'm a big fan of her dvd, love it!! I didn't know she was on Fb, let me stalk her :biggrin:
  2. Hi fellow yoginis! (and do we have any yogis in here too?)

    I was wondering if any of you had heard of Kulae yoga mats and towels. Here's the link:

    I haven't, but I might order a towel from them in the future. They are supposedly non-slip and very absorbent, but they do not seem to have the rubber thingies on the bottom like the yogitoes. I personally do not care for the rubber thingies. My favorite yoga towels do not have them and they're still non-slip. Also, the rubber thingies get in the way of doing rabbit pose in Bikram (where you use your towel for a slip-free grip, but the wet rubber thingies end up making it extra slippery :tdown:).

    Have a good week, everyone!
  3. I've heard of them, and my yoga studio sells their mats. I've heard good things about their mats (nonslip and good for the environment), but I've never tried them out.

    My friend does not like Yogitoes towels/towels with the nubs, either. He also finds them slippery and does vinyasa flow.

    Oh, and a minor update for my Manduka's starting to get "stickier". I have a daily practice and have been washing my mat regularly, so that might help with the breaking in process...? It works fine when I'm doing hatha, but for vinyasa, I still need to use a towel. I'm actually starting to appreciate this mat more...I'm actually tempted to get the heavier Manduka Pro, but I'm going to resist, lol.
  4. Hello friends! I'm headed to Jivamukti Yoga in NYC this morning. I can't wait. I've never taken a class there before. I'm also looking forward to eating at their vegan cafe after class :p
  5. Thank you for the reply! Yes, the "environmentally friendly" also caught my eye. n the website it says it's free of some 6 chemicals that I guess are bad for us. I wonder about the mats I am currently using. I just keep them in my car (after airing them out after class), so they get very hot sometimes from the sun. I wonder if that is a bad idea, because it might release those nasty chemicals :yucky:

    But I chose not to worry about it for now :p
  6. Sooo I found out on Monday that due to unforseen circumstances, my yoga studio has closed down!
    The former owner will be teaching at a Bikram yoga studio that is actually a lot closer to me and this Bikram yoga studio will be honoring my special unlimited monthly price until the 6 month period is over. She will be supposedly teaching.non Bikram classes so it I am going to transfer my membership, at least for the remaining peripd of my special.
    I am just nervous about the Bikram. I need yoga for exercise. I loved going to my former yoga studio. I hope that I will grow to enjoy Bilram style more. It wasn't bad, I just liked hot yoga mofe.
    Any tips on how to get used to the intensity of Bikram?
  7. Ugh that's rotten news! I love my studio, I can imagine how upsetting this is. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that she continues to teach in the same style. Be vocal about your preference! Sorry, no tips on Bikram, someone else will chime in on that I'm sure. :hugs:
  8. This is kind of odd, because licensed Bikram studios are not allowed to offer non-Bikram classes per their license agreement.

    Getting used to the intensity: there really isn't a shortcut to this. To get used to the heat, it is best to come at least 3-4 times per week. If you can swing it, come a few days in a row. The reason this works is that your body will remember what it has to do to manage the heat. When you take a break, it forgets again!

    To get used to the challenging postures and length of class, you "just" have to build up your endurance. The answer is similar, there is no shortcut, you jsut have to come regularly. I have been practicing Bikram for almost two years and when I do not come to class 3-4 times per week, most classes are a struggle. 3-4 times per week seems to be the magic number for most people.

    Also, in yoga as in life, the following tips will make everything easier:
    - breath calmly, in and out through the nose (except during the breathing exercised at the beginning and end). Calm nose breathing will calm your heart rate and take away the stress.
    - take breaks as needed. If you cannot breath calmly through your nose, if you feel like you need to gasp for air through your mouth, it is time for a break! Join back in when you have calmed down.
    - do not fidget. Fidgeting, wiping the sweat, etc is wasted energy. Always try to find stillness, between and also during the postures. Your heart rate will thank you :tup:

    I hope this will help you during your next Bikram class!
  9. Thank you so much for the advice! I have done hot yoga before, and one Bikram class, so I was curious how this was going to work.
    I am curious about the non Bikram classes as well. That is why I am unsure of what's going on... However, for all I know, maybe it isn't licensed as an official Bikram studio? I was going to ask them when I went in to talk to them.
    I know what you mean about 3 to 4 classes a week being the magic number. I found that when I did less hot yoga, it felt like I was starting all over again!
    I just get so nervous about the stories I hear about people have heat stroke and such... I don't want to push myself as a newbie!
    Do you practice any other yoga, or just Bikram?
  10. Yea, I really loved the vinyasa hot yoga!
  11. You can find out if it is an official Bikram studio by checking Bikram's site:

    Interesting that you agree with 3-4 being the magic number also for other hot yoga styles :smile:

    About the heat strokes: where did you hear these stories? I personally have never heard of anybody getting heat stroke after Bikram. So far I have taken 270 Bikram classes at 4 different studios and I read like 30 different Bikram yoga blogs. I have never even seen anybody pass out or puke (but I have read about it before). I'm not trying to be smart, I'm really curious about where you heard of people having heat strokes.

    The worst that has happened to me (this happened to me about 3 times) was that I was extremely tired/weak after class and kept feeling cold with some shivers throughout the evening. One of the three times were my very first class which happened to be PACKED and very very hot and humid.

    I really don't think you need to worry about heat stroke, especially if you are a healthy person who hydrates well. Just take it slow in class. You know your body best. If you're getting so dizzy that you see black stars and what not, BACK OFF! Makes no sense to push your body that much!
    If you get dizzy, take a break, breathe calmly through the nose. If you get a terrible headache, take a break, breathe calmly through the nose. If you really feel like you are NOT well, let the teacher know and s/he will help you.

    There is absolutely no shame in taking breaks. During the standing series, stand still, sit or kneel down. During the floor series, just stay in savasana! You can stay in savasana the whole time if that is all you can manage that particular day. No problem at all. If it is a licensed Bikram studio, all of this definitely applies. (That is what the licensing is for. To make sure you get instructions that keep you SAFE.)
  12. A question for all you teachers/would-be teachers...when deciding on a Teacher Training Program, did you look through all the studios in your area before you picked a program or did you settle into the training program your studio provided? I'm not ready to go through Teacher Training, but I think this is something that I'd like to possibly consider...I've been doing research on other studios' programs (aside from my own studio's) and there are a couple instructors I know I would love to study under. As much as I like my current studio, I definitely DON'T want to train with them. I can't quite put my finger on why I really don't want to, but I know it does not feel right....
  13. I tried several years ago and liked it. I have friends who swear by it. I have been thinking about getting into it again.:smile:
  14. Same with me. My studio doesn't call it Bikrams and has some variations to that series, but I've still practiced in that hot room for over 100 times this year alone. Never have I seen a heatstroke or someone passing out or puke.

    But that said, I still remember my first time. It was honestly a bit difficult and I probably went into it a bit naive. I didn't drink much water and the dehydration/dizzyness/black stars came about half way into a 90 minute class. But since they tell you to just lay down if you get lightheaded, i simply laid there in Svasana for like 25 minutes until it went away! That's all you can really do and just think of it as relaxing in a big sauna. One of my instructors says that on average it takes about 7 practices for someone to fully adjust to the heat. But i'd say it took about 3 to get really comfortable for me at least.

    Just drink enough water. I drink about 3 litres 15 minutes before class now, one of my instructors recommends 4 litres but i just cannot contain that much water! But i felt doing this helped me the most in managing the heat.
  15. Thank you I feel a lot better reading this from a bikram pro! I was reading people's blogs... I don't recall if they had prepped or not.
    I will be doing a bikram class starting on monday. It will have been 2 weeks since I have attended any yoga classes, due to my schedule and due to the closing of my studio, so I am excited/nervous!