1. How do you all clean your yoga mats?
  2. i put my yogitoes in the wash every 2 months (i've had this mat for 5 years). for the sticky mat i soap (mild detergent) every 3-4 months.
  3. For my yoga mat, I wipe it down with a Clorox wipe and let it dry out. Works fine for me! Towels you can easily put in the wash, no problem.

    Oh, and I wanted to update on my forearm stands! Before class today, the instructor saw me practicing on my forearm stands and asked if I wanted to work on them during class. I hesitated because I have a fear of falling over someone, but then agreed to incorporate it into our practice. When we got into forearm stand, she let us use straps to wrap around our biceps (so our arms don't flail out) actually helped a LOT. I got into my forearm stand without falling over and was able to hold it for a good while. I'm so excited! I feel like I finally get this pose for once...

    We also did handstand from standing split, but I'm still to scared to do handstands without a wall so I only jumped halfway. Eventually I'll work on it. But for now, I'm just happy to get into my forearm stand and hold it! :biggrin:
  4. congrats!!!! that's awesome:smile:
  5. Congrats bernz, I used to be able to do it when I was lighter then.
  6. Excellent progress. Keep it up!
  7. Thanks, everyone! :heart: I also found out that there will be an inversion workshop next month...I'm definitely going to attend as it is $45. Apparently they will also demonstrate some crazier inversions (such as chin-stand, half forearm/half handstand, etc.); I'm only going to attend so I can learn a thing or two about handstands, haha. I'm super excited. :nuts:

    Hope everyone had a good 4th!
  8. The Wanderlust festival is coming up in norcal! Anyone going?
  9. I live too far :push:

    There is a Yoga Conference coming up this week here in So Cal...but I'm not going to that one, either... :sad:
  10. It is going to depend on whether or not i have the money, i really want to go!
  11. Hi yogis! How is everyone doing? I've been struggling a bit with my practice as of late. I love taking classes, but due to my schedule, I haven't been able to do so. I haven't committed to a home practice.

    I meditate every morning but I'm missing asana. Tomorrow I will be sure to get in a few sun salutations.
  12. Today I attended my first Bikram yoga class. It had a good vibe but I definitely prefer my hot yoga classes over Bikram. I am glad that I finally got to attend one, and I will probably drop in once in awhile but doesn't feel 100% with me. It was an awesome learning experince!
  13. yes i agree, i find hot classes more fun somehow as they do a variation of hatha poses in a heated room, vs Bikram which is a standard set of 26 poses. The body does get more limber but i think variety in poses is also a key to progressing in asana and meditation.

    JudieH, i tend to think sun salutes are the 'catch-all' of sequences. if one hasn't enough time, the sun salutes are a quick way to get some practice in. :tup:
  14. hi JudieH - love your blog! Check out this great book. Its by an English teacher who studied yoga in India, I think. its got some really good tips about establishing a home practice. :smile:
  15. ladysarah, thank you for reading my blog! :smile: Thank you also for the book recommendation. I know how to start a home practice; it's just finding my motivation :p I love taking classes and the energy practicing with others. I also know the value in developing my own home practice. I am a teacher, after all, so this is something I feel I should be doing. I do often practice at home new sequences before I teach. I am not teaching much this summer and between that and my schedule, I just haven't been disciplined enough.

    I intended to practice this morning. However, I realized that I was giving a long distance Reiki session so I had to do that. Then get my kids up, ready for camp, now I have a doctor's appointment and giving another Reiki session later today and then getting my daughters from camp. I know we are all busy and these are excuses. At least I am getting my meditation in. I'm doing a 40 day Reiki Self Treatment. It's been lovely!

    I will get sun salutations in today no matter what :smile: