1. Good for you BabydollChanel! I also did my restorative sequence today and my husband did his sun salutes- so we are both feeling very virtuous! :biggrin:
    I might see if I can post a short sequence actually. Have to check with the yoga teacher.....
  2. :biggrin:...and how are the yoga bunnies in the purseforum doing? busy going to yoga classes or haunting CHANEL for handbags?
    poses_standing.jpg poses_seated_and_twist.jpg poses_inversions.jpg poses_forward_bends.jpg poses_core.jpg
  3. I just got back from class. I took another hot yoga class. It was AMAZING!!! :yahoo: I am so thankful to finally be healthy enough to exercise. The intention that I set in the beginning of the class was to stay in the present moment and enjoy.

    Ahhh. Now I am eating a chopped salad from a health food place. Life is good!!!
  4. Could someone recommend a good beginner's DVD for me? I don't have many options in my area and my work schedule is all over the place so I doubt I could commit to a class.
    I'm in good shape, imo so I wouldn't want anything too basic (like something for someone who's never worked out before). Or maybe some kind of set where I could work my way up. TIA!
  5. Knasarae - what kind of yoga would you like to practise? (dynamic - ashtanga/vinyasa, restorative - hatha or a practice to correct body alignment - iyengar)

    I personally enjoy ashtanga/vinyasa and hatha (when my body is tired and on Friday night :p)...
    When I started practising yoga, I found "ASHTANGA YOGA - INTRO. 1DVD
    by Richard Freeman" is very helpful because he gives detailed instruction. "This is good to have as a substitute for having a teacher. This is the kind of DVD that you watch once or twice, practice with a number of times and then move onto self-practice, referring to the DVD for specific poses that you need help on as you develop your practice."

    However as a beginner, I really strongly recommend you attend few classes to learn and grasp the basics (as the teacher can correct and guide you to the correct posture and alignment)..

    As to your comment that you wouldn't want anything too basic - I don't think anything in yoga is too basic...
    Your basics are what dictate your practice...When you execute your basics correctly your body will take you to a new level :smile:

    Good luck - hope my post can be helpful :smile:
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    Ladies (anyone who practices headstand) - what do you do to warm up your neck before this pose?
    I always feel that the back of my neck so stiff and child pose doesn't seem to relieve am thinking is it because:
    1. I don't warm up enough?
    2. I am not doing this pose properly? (do you feel that your head support your weight as well in addition of your arms foundation?)

    Hope anyone can share..
  7. according to my yoga teacher - and master KP JOIS's book YOGA MALA - there should be no weight on your neck in headstand. It took me ages to develop the strength to do this. Its all in the udiana banda and the arms. I'll see if I can find a good photo.:smile: I practice ashtanga so usually plenty warm by the time I get to it!:yahoo:
  8. I second that - nothing in yoga is too basic...:graucho:
  9. this is a really good one - though VERY DEMANDING

    you can do small chunks at a time.... he also has a book to go with it.
    First Series DVD-SM.jpg
  10. Does anyone subscribe to Yoga Journal magazine? I don't but I do enjoy reading the magazine and am thinking of getting a subscription. Perhaps it will motivate me to do more down dogs on my own. :p

    I am feeling the effects of yesterday's class. Love it!
  11. For some reason, extended side angle pose is hard for me. I can do it perfectly well, but it's not... comfortable. What does this mean?
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    Thanks Ladysarah - this is what my teacher preaches too - no weight should be on the head nor neck..
    but somehow I always feel "heavyness" on the crown of my head..

    "It took me ages to develop the strength to do this" - what strength are you referring to?

    Hmmm...could it be my Udya Bandha isn't executed properly?

    I usually do Shirshasana in the morning after waking up and warming my neck...
    probably I better strain from doing so..

  13. Babydoll - when you said not comfortable - what exactly do you feel? like strain on your side?

  14. Join the club! ^^
    I felt the same way too when I did my very first yoga class - my thought was: WOW!!!!:nuts:

    Your excitement is contageous :smile:

    It will only get better Judie - I can vouch for that :smile:

    A quote from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois "Do your practice and all is coming."
  15. aki_sato, I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 12 years :biggrin: I have done Bikram numerous times but recently a hot yoga studio opened in my town. I love it (as you read). I absolutely love doing hot vinyasa.

    Unfortunately, the studio is closed today otherwise I would have gone this am before I started cooking.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!