1. are there any yoga girls here?
  2. i love yoga and yogalates. i've tried laughing yoga.. its weird.
    and i lurrve hot yoga. except my tan always melts off. :sad:
  3. Another yogi here! I've been practicing for a couple years, mainly Hatha and Vanyasa styles.

    I am a testament to all bodies being welcome in class. I'm a full figured diva and I love the way it makes my body/mind feel.

    I've also recently taken up pole/exotic dance but that's a whole other thread. lol
  4. I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 10 or so years. Probably longer. I get in phases where I do a lot of yoga (usually in the gym, although I really dislike "gym" yoga) or I take a class at a studio. I am very fortunate and live in an area with a lot of different options. Most recently, I have been practicing with a teacher who has a studio in her home. She doesn't have any more than 4 people at a time so it's like getting a semi-private session each time. She is a great teacher with a great vibe.

    I was taking classes at a different studio and injured my back during plough pose. It was horrible. I had never suffered an injury before! I hope this never happens again. After that injury, I have been much more cautious as to the poses that I do.

    As for the types of yoga, I have tried many different types. My favorite is Vinyasa Yoga. I love sun salutations. A Hot Yoga studio opened in my area and I took a class this week. It was amazing. I have done Bikram Yoga in the past (where the room is heated to 105 degrees). This room was heated to 90 degrees and it was a Vinyasa class. I didn't feel this class was very- I'm not sure of the right word- spiritual, I guess. It was more of a hard core workout which fit my mood just fine. Other times, I do like teachers who focus more on your intention, being grounded, have longer savasanas, etc..

    I googled and found this site that explains the various types of yoga:
  5. "Keep practising and all is coming" - a quote from Sri K Phattabhi Jois himself :smile:

    Take your time - I am in the same shoes like you!
  6. I love yoga and have been taking vinyasa classes for several years now. I try to get in 2 or 3 hour and a half classes a week. Unfortunately yoga does not help to curtail my spending, but just makes me feel good overall.
  7. ^ Same here. I really enjoy yoga more than working out at the gym. I have both a gym and yoga studio membership so I try to cut down on clothes shopping :sad:
  8. laughing yoga hey? I d like to find out more about it!
    Do you find that regular yoga keeps you more balanced? check this thisthreat out to hear what is going on inside our heads!!?
  9. yep I also think yoga is great for self confidence and a positive self image. Post some photos when you can - it will really liven things up!!:yahoo:
  11. ahh - a true ashtangi out there! good to hear from you! where abouts do you practice?:yahoo:
  12. check this threat out

    your honesty is appreciated - none of us are perfect - not quite yet - but working on it!:yahoo:
  13. ...then of course because you look so hot with the yoga - you dont need to spend quite so much on clothes as you look great anyway!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    poses_standing.jpg poses_inversions.jpg
  14. Ah yes, some mentioned the expense of yoga. My gym membership is $70 a month. In my area, yoga classes range from $18-$25 per class although if you buy a class card, the price goes down but not by much. It can certainly turn into an expensive habit. :smile: At least it's a healthy one.
  15. You could buy a good dvd and workout daily at home instead :smile: