1. yoga YOGA YOGA - nothing quite like it ladies. One just needs to find the right class. Please tell me about your favourite yoga class - or why you do not like it!
  2. So far I tried some, but did not like it because my wrists are weak. I am still debating if I should give it another try tho, I'd like to do hatha yoga :smile:
  3. I am a power yoga instructor... yoga is intergrated in my life. :smile: It has totally changed my life.
    I just started my Bikram/Hot yoga practise, after 3 classes I am now hooked... can't wait to go back this Saturday.
  4. if your wrists are hurting you need to talk to the instructor to show you correct technique. Don't worry - its quite common - but it does spoil the experience. ie in down dog you should push up, not collapse your weight in your wrists. Also correct alignment makes a difference - and perseverance of course.....
  5. what's the sequence like? compared to say ashtanga.
  6. I guess I should go to class to begin with lol :p I've been doing it at home, but nothing beats an instructor that can show you how to do it irl. Too bad there's not much choice when it comes to yoga here where I live, it's just power yoga and hatha yoga.
  7. I haven't been to yoga in a few weeks because I've been traveling on the weekends, and I miss it so much! I always feel so strong and powerful afterwards, but sore too haha we do power yoga and its pretty intense so I definitely feel it the the next day after a work out too.
  8. my hands get sweaty... sometimes I wear gloves, but that's not great either :tdown:
  9. Yoga is amazing! It has revolutionized my body. I am at my perfect weight which I've been trying to get to for 10 years and I know it's all because of yoga. I'm still only going to "gym" yoga but I think I'm ready for a studio. So expensive though per class when I compare it to my gym membership. Regardless, totally worth it.
  10. i used to go to the gym to do it...and now i stopped going.
    but i remember some routine...i think just by downward's already very good. i do the posts which mostly keep my flexibility. about 15-20 min.
  11. I love yoga. For a while I was doing Sivananda yoga, then I moved and now I'm doing ISHTA yoga. I really like all kinds of yoga, so I usually just go to the studio that is most convenient.
  12. Tried Bikram and liked it, but don't love it enough to justify the expens. Really, really love the body flow program by Les Mills at the Y. Yoga/pilates combo with great music, I have 3 kids and knowing that I will get an hour of body flow keeps me sane.
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    of course yoga will give us the toned abs - the elusive perfect flat stomach, so we can wear our CHANEL jackets with attitude - like her.
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  14. I have done Bikram/hot and Iyengar. Two very different types but loved both!! I have problems with my wrists due to carpal tunnels and doing the yoga helped reduce the pain, not to mention the refreshed feeling I would get after my workout. I found that I never felt like I was "working out".
  15. I like gentle yoga and hatha yoga. I had a really great studio that I went to at home, which had an amazing instructor who did a class that was pretty much entirely on the floor doing stretches. Now a studio has opened up near me here, and I love it too. It's pretty much the same thing - a class that is almost entirely on the floor with no standing poses that uses props to focus on getting a deeper stretch and relaxing the muscles. I know it may not be for everybody, but my idea of yoga is non-intense, relaxing and improves flexibility, since I work out hard the rest of the week and like to do yoga to relax and improve my posture/reduce back pain.