Yoga toes?

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  1. Has anyone tried these? I ordered a pair and they should be arriving today. Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on them.
  2. I've not tried them, but I've seen them and thought of buying some. Let us know how they work out.
  3. I have had some for a couple of years. To be honest with you, I tried them a couple of times and then forgot about them. I'm not sure what they're supposed to do for a person (I can't remember why I bought them), but I'm going to dig them out of my drawer today and put them on. I do remember my toes not cooperating too well when I tried to put them on. LOL! I had to pry each one apart.
  4. ^^ they say that is true for when you first start using them-but, after a while your feet get used to them and start cooperating.

    i am hoping they work great-they should be here via UPS any minute-can't wait! I will update everyone after I wear them for a while.
  5. my aunt has worn it everyday for months but no effect at all
  6. I'm glad you're looking forward to them! Since I can't remember why I bought them, could you please tell me what they are for? Do they relieve tired feet or something? Thanks!
  7. Hammer toes- a friend of mine bought them, told me not to cause it hurts. Sorry....:tdown:
  8. I have them, I wear Jimmy Choos every day and I believe the yoga toes really help my toes relax and prevent bunions from forming. They hurt my pinky toes though so I only wear them on my big toes which are the ones I am concerned about. I do massage my toes too as I am a little obsessive about deforming my feet b/c of my shoe choice.
  9. I asked for them for Chrismakkah....hope I like them!!!
  10. Well-so far, so good!@ I got mine tonight and have worn them for a half hour and they didn't make my feet hurt at all! I am hoping they help with the slight bunion I have.
  11. I hope they work! I've always wondered if they do. I think I might get a pair for my mama since she has a bunion.
  12. I hope these work for you ladies. So you don't have to go through what I went through to turn the clock back on my feet.
  13. I use them and love them. If any of you have ever had a Yoga class, the instructor always tells you to spread your toes and this is exactly what these Yoga Toes do. Normally, I can only get my toes to spread in class if I go on tippy toes and do the spread. It definately has helped to straighten my toes and realign my toes and can do this while laying on the sofa and not standing tippy toe! I really recommend these.