Yoga Toes ?

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  1. :confused1: hmmmmm....while I don't have the "Yoga Toes" endorsed toe stretcher I DO have a pair that I got from Men's & Women's Running Shoes from Nike, Adidas, New Balance, ASICS, Brooks & Saucony | Road Runner Sports for A LOT less !! LOL It's supposed to be good for you to stretch your toes like that. Honestly I use mine when I paint my toenails to keep them separated so the polish doesn't smear :p

    As far as getting rid of bunions: sorry to say no way:sad:

    I have one on my right foot and the toe stretchers don't affect it in any way. There is NO way they could. Surgery IS the only option for bunions and I know how you feel. I won't get it done for the reasons you mentioned and I also don't want to be "out of commission" for THREE months They do put pins & screws in your foot AND they actually break your bone to correct the alignment of the foot. Very scary:sad:
  2. i always see their advertisements in the classified ads in magazines n stuff and have been curious about it.....not curious enough to try though!hehe!
  3. thanx for the info atleast i wonte waste my money
    and where do you get the thing yo use u paint your toe nails
    with is there an item number?
  4. So weird , I was jsut thinking I should try these becuase my toes get cramped from wearing pointy toed shoes:idea: , I will have to go to a running shoe store to get real ones
  5. I purchased them. I love the stretch that it gives my toes, although it does take a while to get used to them.

    I consulted my foot doctor and she told me that they cannot make bunions go away. If you're concerned about your feet, you should really see a podiatrist.
  6. I have a pair of Yoga Toes. I used them for a while, but honestly, I can't say they did anything for my feet one way or the other. Except, in the beginning, they were terribly uncomfortable. I thought once I got used to them I'd see a benefit to using them, but that didn't happen.
  7. Never used them so I can't say anything to that effect, but I noticed a coupon code when I was reading my Elle last night for $15 off: EL