Yoga tapes?

  1. Can anyone recommend a good Yoga tape/DVD for a beginner? I have been going to the classes at my gym and loving them, but they are an hour long and I am looking for something that lasts about 30 minutes or so that I can do in the morning before work.
  2. There's a good three DVDs series by Natascha Ritzopoulos, butit is long and detailed. it is like a yoga encyclopedia, with loads of extra features on posture and mistakes to avoid. It think it has a shorter 20 minutes practice on each DVD.

    There's also one by Patricia Walden in which she explians each posture individually and gives a 15 min practice at the end. The only problem is her voice which I find annoying. I think the DVD is called Yoga for beginners. I'll check when I get back home and let you know.

    Seane Corne's DVDs will be too long for you.
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