Yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, personal trainer...

  1. I feel a little overwhelmed right now as I'd like to start a new fitness regimen but can't figure out what would be the best. I was thinking about taking separate yoga and pilates classes or even going with a personal training, but then I also thought maybe a 24-hour type facility could work.

    I just need to get some physical activity into my daily life thats not boring, as I do get bored quickly. Also, I'd like my boyfriend to join as we both need physical activity.

    I'd love hear any and all feedback! TIA!
  2. I personally like the self control that comes with regular classes in Yoga and Pilate's. plus I work out 4 nights a week.

    My Husband takes Bikram Yoga, which i find a little stressful.

    How about a dance class ? Belly dancing Jazz or Swing. There fun physical activities, Its something perhaps both you and your Bf could try together.
  3. a personal traininer is a great experience because a good one constantly changes the workout just a little to keep your body from pleatueing (sp?).

    i love pilates and when i am doing them i just do not have time to get distracted and feel bored.
  4. they go from 35 dollars and up per lesson, but private dance lessons get you SO tired, and you really feel your muscles get stronger, and its great for flexibility.

    also, horsebackriding will make your legs very very strong and skinny!
    but if you decide to quit it, you need to ease out of it... because if you stop immediately, your legs may get flabby. thats what happened to me, and i had to ride my friends horse to fix it, then ease out of it.

    p.s. pilates is REALLY hard (for me anyways)
    id try yoga first, then work up to the next level of yoga, then do pilates.
    maybe my instructor was just really difficult..
  5. pilates is great IF you have the right instructor. I have a good routine I learned from an excellent instructor that I do at home. It's great (when I make myself do it.)

    I like Yoga but again I think it depends on who teaches you. I tried Bikram and while it was an excellent workout it was just too much heat and I didn't feel a good vibe in the studio, if that makes sense. Only way to know is just to try different places.

    I had a personal trainer. I gained weight. I didn't lose inches. All of my clothing was tighter. I guess I gained muscle but didn't lose fat? I liked having a trainer because it forced me to workout and I really don't like to workout all that much but after over a year I didn't think it was worth all that money.

    One thing I like is when the weather is nice to take a long brisk walk and listen to music. It doesn't bore me because I have the music to take my mind off of it.
  6. I take Stretch class three times a week (it's similar to Yoga), dance and walk. I have tried Pilates so many times over so many years with so many different teachers in a class and in privates sessions and I just don't like it. I doubt I'll ever go back to that again.

    I have taken traditional type yoga classes and I thought they were beneficial, but didn't offer any cardio benefits. The one thing I will add about yoga, though, is the studio makes all the difference. I think it's important to find one that fits your "personality".
  7. Oooops, forgot to add my thoughts on personal training....

    I know some awesome personal trainers who are certified from reputable groups and who really take an interest in their clients' progress. In addition, they take courses and go to workshops to keep their skills current. I guess referrals would be the way to find these wonderful people.

    On the other hand, I have a friend who has been a personal trainer for years and she doesn't care one iota about her clients. She does it only for the money. She is not certified and has never in her life taken any relevant courses to make her an expert at what she does. She works for a popular chain of health clubs in the area and as she's an independent contractor, her lack of credentials don't concern them.

    So, while I think personal trainers can be a wonderful benefit to your workout, it's important to find one who is a good match for you.
  8. I love Pilates its my favorite...I take the mat based class so lots of stretching and using your ab muscles.

    I take an abs class and the instructor is really militant and always yelling which is what I love because it pushes you harder.

    I also just do lots of cardio on my own...walking on the tread, elliptical, stationary bike

    I really need to start weights but they bore me
  9. get a heavy bag and some gloves...
  10. Get a trainer. I went to school (not a cert class) for it. Beleive me, the right PT will make the MOST out of your time and goals!

    Tell them up front you need a jump start on your program. Ask if they can help (to put it on them and encourage accountability). A great trainer will be fine with that, work with you, write a program, make sure you're doing it right, and you can go back to them in a few months when you need to switch it up.

    Do a little research for your money and find out all the right things to ask. Credentials are IMPORTANT, look for a degree, not just a cert, if you can. But they need SOMETHING, some kind of formal training at least. And be honest with them. They are usually very invested, and a lot of fun.

    Get someone you click with, and whose energy or knowledge you admire! It will make a much better team.

    Good luck!!
  11. I agree with what some others have said - yoga and pilates are great IF you can find the right instructor/ studio.

    There are tons of different types of yoga, but if you are looking for exercise/cardio benefits, I'd stick to ashtanga/ power yoga. Some of the other kinds are more focused on relaxation and streching. Look for studios that offer a pay as you go option so you can try a class or two to see if you like the instructor.
  12. Thank you ladies so much for all your input! We are going to check out a couple places this weekend, but I'm really liking the idea of joining the YMCA in our area. I'm not too keen on those 24 hour fitness type operations. I'd probably do a personal trainer if they weren't so expensive. I'm so excited and just want to get into something already!
  13. I've tried pilates and yoga and like pilates much better. My wrists always hurt after yoga from the downward dog pose. My pants fit much looser now that I've been doing pilates. And as everyone else has said, instructors do matter.
  14. I'm do bikram yoga, and I love it
  15. I love both yoga and pilates. Utilizing other classes (such as cardio, kickboxing, toning, etc.) that a gym has is also great. If I miss a class, I feel like the other regulars in my class notice and give me that "someone missed class last week" look. It is enough to get my butt there every week. I hate feeling like a slacker.