yoga pants in super stretch fabric, for pregnant belly?

  1. i'm hoping to not have to buy any maternity pants, and so far am finding stretchy yoga pants to be a godsend for my 6.5 month belly.

    (i'm normally a size 8-10, and stretch pants are great cos baggy pant legs make me look out of proportion. which is also why i can't just buy large-sized normal pants.)

    yoga pants have that foldover waist and no band, which is awesome.. and fairly fitted thighs.

    Metalicus is great and a wardrobe mainstay now, but i'm wondering if there are any other brands that have pants in MEGA stretchy fabric without a tight waistband?
  2. Victorias Secret has a very stretchy yoga pants without a tight foldover waistband. I have the grey with purple waistband. Victoria's Secret - Online Shop
  3. If you have a Lululemon (Canadian based yoga apparel company) they have lots of great pants and the fabric is amazing. Lulu is pretty popular here.
  4. i second the lulu lemon recommendation. love their yoga pants, wearing a pair right now
  5. excellent, lululemon only has one australia store, and it's right in my city!!
    i'll try it.. see if it stretches over my big belly =)

    and i'm going to find some VS yoga pants on ebay..
  6. Running Bare (Platinum Range) make a fab stretchy yoga pant with the foldover waist. I bought mine on but I think you can also get them in Rebel?
  7. If you're on a budget, pick up a pair of Old Navy yoga pants with the foldover waistband. They stretch out A LOT.