Yoga bag?

  1. If this was already covered, sorry!
    I am an avid yoga student. I need a bag that can fit all sorts of odd shapes: a rolled mat, a zafu cushion, a folded blanket, a foam brick. I'm currently using a Ghurkha canvas, travel satchel, but everything sticks out or creates bulges. I know there is no one bag where everything will fit neatly, but maybe there is a bag where at least, it won't look like a lumpy mess. Thanks ladies! Namaste!:balloon:
  2. Hi, thanks. Let me clear something up. I don't want a "yoga" bag per se, but rather, a chic tote bag like something Hermes, or whatever...that could be used as a yoga bag.
  3. I do appreciate your help ladies. I've looked at all your suggestions. The Tory Burch is looking good...