Yoga Anyone?

  1. I am thinking about trying Yoga out for some variety to my routine. Anyways, I tried Bikram Yoga yesterday and I'm not sure it's the one for me. Which Yogas have you tried and would you recommend?
  2. Maybe start with a Hatha flow class to get real good with the basic stuff, then work from there. When I started taking yoga I took about 8 private sessions so that I could learn the basic postures before going public and looking like a spaz.
  3. I wish I knew which yoga I am taking in school now...Maybe it's a mix?

    I don't think it is for me. At least, I am not going to practice it after I am done with that class. But that was a good experience!

    Some of the poses that we do in that class are Warrior, Plank, Cat, Triangle & Reverse Triangle, Star-gazer, Pigeon, Bridge & Reverse Bridge, and a lot more! Maybe those would be helpful in determining which yoga I am doing?
  4. I just love Bikram yoga! Most studios around here have the ten for ten special (ten classes for ten dollars) because they know it takes that long for your body to adjust to the yoga and for you to feel the benefits. So i'd say try it a few more times at least but just make sure you stay very hydrated (talk to your teacher about how to hydrate, timing wise with the class) but this yoga can make you long, lean, give you tons of energy and make you super limber
  5. Yes ! I love Bikram yoga !

    If you're just starting out, I would look for hatha since it's more just stretching and getting your body used to the positions and also stretch classes at the gym to build your flexibility.
  6. I did yoga for several years. I've done Ashtanga (very vigourous), Bikram (room was heated) Iyengar (poses are held a long time) and Hatha (more gentle, good for beginners). The poses are similar from one to the other -- it's the pace and emphasis that shifts. I also went to Kripalu in Lenox and studied Pranyama and longer- held poses.

    I love Yoga, but I stopped doing it in class. I still do many of the sretches on my own. I loved the classes but I was getting injured as I was pushing too hard. Also, a good part of the classes were balancing poses and things I couldn't do, like head stands. It would just be frustrating and a waste of time. I found that on my own, I could work more "mindfully" and really figure out where each part of the body is supposed to be and how to stretch. I do far less Yoga, and far fewer asanas but I feel I am understanding them better and getting deeper into them. I found the philosophy of Yoga really supportive -- I would love when the teacher would remind the class after a tough asana -- "Just let it go. Let go of expectations. We're just here to practice." But I am so self-competitive that I still pushed too hard, and, as I said, hurt myself. I limped out of my last Yoga class hanging on to someone's shoulder, with a crutch and a bag of ice on me knee!

    So be careful, respect your body, and take it slow. Namaste!
  7. Let us know which one you try and how you like it? Yoga sounds very relaxing especially after a stressful day at work..I am thinking of taking classes too but do not know much about it...I am also not into headstands!

  8. why do you feel its not for you..I am interested to I also thinking of taking a class but have been apprehensive...
  9. I've only done Ashtanga. I'm moving soon, so I'm a bit worried about my next gym. If they just describe a class as 'yoga', what type would that be? A bit of everything?
  10. I agree with the previous replies-I think that Hatha yoga (of which Vinyasa flow is a subdivision) would be the best to start with. Ashtanga yoga is more physically demanding and the classes are longer and it is usually recommended that people go at least 3 times a week.
    Iyengar is a good form for those wanting to perfect the poses and alignment. I don't like Bikram personally either. Yoga is a good way to keep the joints and back healthy and a good way to destress and focus the mind inward. It is also a nice complement to Pilates.
  11. i got my eyebrows waxed at a place next to a yoga studio today and i wish i had gone in to ask about classes. i've done bikram yoga and it was just too intense for me with the heat. i want to try again, though, and i want to try pilates, too.
  12. great advice! That's a key to yoga. In our society we push and push ourselves to go beyond our limits, but in yoga, if you stay mindful and respectful of your body, our limits get extended naturally. it's very important to push a little but not overstretch in the poses. The heat in Bikram does make us sweat, which is why i like it. I feel like I've done a cross between an aerobic workout with the benefits of yoga. I would encourage anyone who tries this yoga to give it at least five to ten classes before making up their mind about it. The benefits are cumulative and there's a learning curve one has to get over before reaping all the benefits. However, if you are looking for a gentler more soothing type of yoga, try iyengar or other hatha yoga yoga it's important to vibe well with the teacher and their particular style...try to find a teacher with a lot of experience but who also has that childlike spirit of openness...then your yoga class can become your sanctuary, a place to truly unburden yourself..
  13. I do those Crunch fitness video's for Yoga. lol So....whatever kind that is. :smile:
  14. you should start with Pilates , I recommend it. I've been doing Pilates for the last 5 years and I enoyed it a lot. Right now I'm taking ballet classes and I highly recommend it too.
  15. Any good YOga classes in NYC?